otalia fan fiction
An Otalia Wedding
It's 2029 and there's an Otalia wedding brewing that features siblings Emma, Rafe, Ava, Francesca and Elena. 
Violating the Rules
Blis (Blake/Doris) tale that mirrors the Otalia story set during the '1 year later' timeframe of Guiding Light with Olivia and Natalia trying to play matchmaker to the couple. 
Best Man Speech
Olivia tries to get to the heart of why Rafe dislikes her so much. 
Nothing but some NC-17 sexy smut. 
First Kiss... Revised
Story from Natalia's POV as she confesses sleeping with Frank.  
Upset that Natalia left her without a word, Olivia heads to ladies night to pick someone up only to find Doris who saves her from a mistake...or does she?  
Funny Shapes or Rounds
Two lovers enjoy the 'morning after' until a daughter demands breakfast. 
Girls Night Out
Natalia returns from the retreat but Olivia wants nothing to do with her. So Doris offers to take Olivia on a buddy adventure.
I Get By With a Little Help From My... Enemies
Doris offers a little bit of friendly advice and prodding to help Olivia and Natalia jump start their relationship.
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Olivia's closing a major deal in the Northeast but bad weather keeps her from getting to Springfield.
Like I Always Am
This was an altered reality/ what if story I wrote for my friend Dragonwriter who proposed, "What if Olivia didn't 'wake up' after her heart test & Natalia kissed her?"
Loving You Both
Olivia finds a way to help Natalia balance their love and her lovers' faith in God. 
Lunch Counter Confessions
Olivia gossips with Doris and Blake about Natalia and the wonders of lesbian sex.
Matt? Really?
This story was written on a daily/weekly basis and used spoilers following Natalia's return from the retreat. 
It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Natalia reflects on a Christmas past and their first Christmas with newborn Francesca. 
Merry Christmas Baby
A sexy NC-17 sequel to my Christmas 2009 story, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” 
One Kiss
Otalia’s first kiss told from one of the character’s perspective. ‘Nuff said.
Pass The Potato Salad
In this tale, pregnant Natalia goes to the BBQ, not the retreat. 
Promises Promises
Set a year after the infamous Bauer Barbecue, Natalia tells Olivia she'll 'meet her there' when she ends up running late and it stirs up old feelings. 
Road Trip 
Story based on spoilers that Doris and Olivia were going on a road trip to find Natalia. 
Score One for Natalia Rivera
Olivia's ex's gossip about her prowess as a lover and a drunken Natalia joins the conversation.
This isn't Supposed to Happen
Our gals late night musings as they lie in bed. 
Tonight It Feels Like Home
Olivia is back in the farmhouse again and trying to find a comfort level she once had before Natalia's bolt to the retreat. 
Two Mommies (Take Two)
Rafe examines the relationship of his mother and Olivia. 
Supply & Demand
Olivia and Natalia take Francesca trick or treating and the youngster learns a lesson in marketing. 
A collection of short stories about Francesca Spencer told from various family members point of view with each chapter representing a year from her life. 
Until Death
Dark tale of what might have happened if Natalia went through with the wedding.
Chapter Twenty-Three

Olivia stood in the examining room of the hospital with her hands on her hips.

"Can you look after your niece or not, Rick?" she asked. Emma stood there batting her eyes up at him.

"Phillip said no?" Rick asked.

"He has plans tonight and he kept her last night, so I don't want to impose. Jane is going out of town this weekend so she can't and it's…tonight is an important meeting I can't miss," Olivia explained.

"You know she's a basketball shark," Rick said looking down at Emma with a grumpy expression that slowly turned into a grin that made the young girl grin in response. "I guess I can take her," he answered with mock disgust, "but she's not getting me on the court again! I learned my lesson!"

"Thank you, Rick," Olivia said relieved. "I really appreciate it. So will 6 to 10 PM tonight be okay?"

"Why not let her stay? I'm off tomorrow," he suggested. "You okay with that?" he asked Emma.

"Yep," Emma replied. "And I can show you how you can beat Buzz Cooper at cards like I do."

"And a card shark too?" Rick observed and then turned to Olivia. "You must be soooo proud."

"That's my girl," Olivia said smugly, giving him a slight push.

Rick smiled, but then took Olivia aside and asked softly, "So, what's the story? Another date with Matt? Really?" he asked.

"You know, Matt is a really sweet guy."

"Yeah, whatever. You could have me, you know? Rich doctor, successful man, fellow heart transplant recipient – all here for the asking." He waved over his body in a grand gesture.

Olivia sucked in a breath and clinched her teeth before speaking. "Ya know Rick, as tempting as that is… I have to say, sadly, I have a better offer, but thanks. Thanks for giving me… options."

Rick shrugged. "I'm just saying…"

"I know you are, but really…please don't." He patted his chest twice in a diplomatic, yet slightly patronizing, manner.

"You're missing a good thing," Rick retorted.

"I'm sure I am – I'm sure I am." Olivia nodded. "I'll regret it someday, you betcha. Anyway, uh, 6 PM then? You'll be off shift?"

"Sure, bring Em back then," Rick replied.

Olivia nodded. "Thanks, I mean it."

"Don't mention it," he told her. "All unsuccessful flirting aside," he said with a slight grin. "You know I consider Emma family, right? It's really no trouble."

"Thank you. And family or not, your help tonight IS appreciated."

Rick gave Olivia a pat on the arm as they walked back toward Emma.

"Let me take you gals to a yummy lunch of hospital food," he said.

"You're on," Olivia replied, bumping shoulders with him.


"You slapped her butt?" Blake asked Natalia in a conspiratorially tone. The pair sat at the booth at Company and women began to giggle. "Really?"

"Yep," Natalia said with a nod. "And I pretty much told her she needs to be there at eight…or else…"

"Or else what?" Blake asked, looking excited.

"I have no idea! I didn't think that far ahead," Natalia laughed and Blake joined in. "So what do I do if she's late?" Natalia asked.

"You know spanking is out of the question 'cause she'd like it too much. She'd never be on time again in her life." They continued to laugh and Natalia waved her hands for them to keep the volume down, but Blake didn't let up and added, "And you do realize the woman still takes heart medication, right? You might end up killing her." Again, both women laughed. "Oh my, who'da have thought Olivia Spencer likes to play the submissive. Then again," Blake reconsidered. "I hear powerful people like it when lovers take control in the bedroom. You might have your hands full," she laughed.

Natalia laughed too, but said, "Enough about me…What about you? What's on your romantic front?"

Blake blushed. "Well, there is kinda someone."

"Really? Who is he?" Natalia asked in a hopeful tone. "Or am I being presumptuous? After all, you said you were disappointed I picked Olivia over you."

Blake grinned. "It's a guy. Or at least I think it's a guy."

"Oooookay," Natalia replied confused.

"I've been chatting with him online," Blake clarified. "I've never met him, but he's…kinda shy. Says he got burned by love. I told him I'm a young widow, but not TOO young or too old. He's funny and he's not pushy and…he sounds really cute."

"He sounds cute? You've never seen a picture of him?" Natalia asked.

Blake shook her head. "We've just chatted online…but I did have a question though."

"Okay," Natalia replied.

"How do you know if a woman is into you?"

Natalia chuckled. "Where did that come from?"

"We're talking about dating and I've been meaning to ask you because… I'm curious if someone might be into me."

Natalia laughed again. "You're asking the wrong gal. I didn't know for months that Olivia liked me for more than a friend. In fact, I didn't know for sure until she told me. I mean I suspected, but…You should probably talk to Olivia since she said she was sure I was into her, but she wasn't about to make a move."

"Wait. She knew you loved her, but she told you to marry Frankie anyway?"

Natalia nodded. "She was scared too. She wanted me to have the DREAM."

"The dream?"

"You know, the house with the white fence, two point five children, a spouse who was strong and protective…In the end, I still have the house, I have someone who loves me – although she doesn't trust me yet – and she's someone who's strong and protective. And as for kids…" Natalia rubbed her belly. "I'm only a half kid shy now on that front, but maybe I can count Emma as half a kid since she'll be an adult in the next 10 years. That way I'll be able to say I have two grown children and…oh my, one in middle school. Sheesh…." Blake smiled. "Anyway …why the curiosity?"

Blake opened her mouth and then closed it. "Well, we've got someone – a customer – she comes in and there's just this 'vibe' I guess you'd call it." Blake shook her head. "I'm probably imagining it."

"Do you want to explore it?" Natalia asked.

"But I'm not gay," Blake answered.

"Yeah, I told myself that too, which is why I have a date with one of the hottest women in Springfield tonight."

Blake chuckled. "Well, I know my gaydar must not work because really there is no way this woman is even interested." Natalia smiled and began to drink her lemonade. "I mean she went after you and Olivia for Emma's two mommies report, so I know-." Blake trailed off as Natalia began to choke. "Are you okay?"

Natalia coughed and Blake rubbed her back.

"Yeah, yeah." Natalia took a drink from her water glass. Feeling relieved, she said in a low voice as not to be overheard, "So I'm guessing… Doris Wolfe?"

"Yeah," Blake said as she continued to rub Natalia's back for a few more seconds. "I know that sounds crazy. I could always ask Ashlee, I guess, but maybe she doesn't know - like Rafe, so …I don't know…"

Blake seemed flustered at the prospect and Natalia grinned and cleared her throat. "Well, let's just say for argument's sake that Doris was gay, or at least gay-friendly…Honestly, between us, would you be interested?"

Blake considered it. "No…well, maybe…Actually, I'm not sure." Natalia giggled at the reply. "I'm being real decisive, huh?" Natalia only smiled. "You know it's not like I've never thought about being with a woman. I mean, just about every woman has, right?" Natalia pursed her lips and nodded as Blake rolled her eyes. "Look, who I'm talking to? Okay. Correction. I mean 'run of the mill' women who don't have dates with hot women tonight."

"I follow you," Natalia replied. "In fact, Cosmo recently said it's like the number one fantasy straight women have."

"Really?" Blake asked. "So I'm – we're – not alone."

"We are not, but there's a difference though. Some women like to play the fantasy between their ears only. I, on the other hand…I'm so tired of fantasies – I need some reality, if you follow me. And the sooner, the better."

"Pregnancy hormones kicking in, huh?"

"Oh my goodness, yes," Natalia sighed in frustration. "I think that's why I found the courage to slap her butt. Okay, maybe it's really not bravery. It's just…"


"Exactly! I want her so much!" Natalia clinched her fists.

"Down girl," Blake replied with a giggle.

"I'm sorry," Natalia said as she blushed. "Anyway, back to Doris… If she's game, are you in?"

"Are you trying to set me up?" Blake asked.

"Nooo," Natalia said trying to lie. "Okay, maybe a little." Blake chuckled. "Look, Olivia knows her pretty well and Doris said the whole speech wasn't personal at all – just political fodder."

"I don't want Doris thinking I'm hitting on her," Blake remarked. "Not that's she's not worth hitting on because...she is an attractive woman - nice hair, sweet smile." Blake shook her head as if to clear it. "Like I said, it was just a vibe I've gotten."

"Blake, it's simple. Olivia could take her to lunch and just throw the idea out there – kinda like we're doing. She could pose a 'what if' kinda scenario. I mean there's no harm, right?"

Blake seemed undecided and then gave a heavy sigh. "Fine…But this is NOT my idea!" she stressed. "And aside from Olivia, it doesn't go any further than this table. Agreed?"

"My lips are sealed," Natalia replied with a grin.

Chapter Twenty-Four

Olivia walked into Towers and saw Natalia sitting at the bar. Natalia looked at her watch and she smiled. It was eight o' five, but as she requested Olivia was wearing her dark gray suit she admired.

"You're late," Natalia pointed out.

"Yeah, I am," Olivia replied, defiantly.

Natalia giggled. "I saw your car in the parking lot ten minutes ago. You're testing me."

Olivia gave her a guilty grin. "Call it my rebellious streak. I can't come across as TOO whipped after all."

Natalia reached up and stroked Olivia's face. She could sense a bit of reluctance at the gesture, but she was grateful and relieved when Olivia didn't automatically pull away.

"You're here and in the suit I adore," Natalia replied. "So if waiting five minutes makes you feel like your 'womanhood' is still in tact, I guess I can live with that."

Olivia grinned and turned toward the bartender who asked her, "The usual?"

Olivia looked like she was going to nod, but stopped and said, "Ice water with lemon please."

The bartender nodded and walked away.

"I told you. You can drink," Natalia said.

"And like I told you earlier, I don't HAVE to drink," Olivia retorted. "I'm at a place where I can take it or leave it, and tonight, I want to leave it."

"Fair enough," Natalia replied. "You want to get a table?" she asked as she pointed behind her. "There's something I want to speak to you privately about, and no, for once, it's not about us, but it is kinda juicy," she said excited.

Olivia's interest was piqued. "What is it?" she asked with a growing grin.

"You'll never believe it," she giggled.


"So you did it," Olivia said. "You turned Blake gay?"

Natalia laughed loudly at first and then covered her mouth in embarrassment.

"I did no such thing," she insisted firmly, but in a soft voice.

"Well, you turned me gay," Olivia teased, looking serious and then grinning widely.

"You're so bad," Natalia chuckled.

"You're like a…like a lesbo-generator. Any woman that gets within two feet of you is like 'BAM!' – there you have it - a friend of Sappho."

"Stop," Natalia told her as she continued laughing. "You're gonna make the pregnant woman pee," she warned.

"Yeah, but you love it – well, not the peeing part. I just know that no matter how much you try to complain or act indignant, you like my jokes."

Natalia smiled and soaked up Olivia's grin. She took the other woman's hand in hers.

"Yes, I do," she said seriously, although she still wore her smile. "In fact, there's very little I DON'T like about you. But I think you know that already."

Olivia seemed to stiffen slightly under Natalia's gentle embrace and she slowly removed her hand under the guise of reaching for her water.

"So, uh, what are we supposed to do? About Blake, I mean?" Olivia asked.

"I thought maybe you could feel out Doris." Olivia wore a wicked grin at Natalia's words. "Okay, that came out sounding dirty," the Latina admitted. "Let me rephrase: Ask Doris if she'd be interested in Blake. How's that?"

"Sounds less naughty, and therefore, less fun, but sure, why not?"

Olivia grabbed her cell phone and pushed a button.

"What are you doing?" Natalia asked.

"Calling Doris," she answered.

"Go see her! Don't just ask on the phone. You have to gauge her reaction."

"What do you mean 'gauge her…'?" Olivia asked, but before Natalia could reply Olivia had to quickly put the phone to her ear. "Hey, it's Olivia. You, uh, wanna have lunch tomorrow?" Olivia looked over to Natalia as if silently asking that was okay and Natalia nodded. "Okay, good, Company is fine." Quickly, Natalia started shaking her head. "Orrrrr, how about Towers instead or even the Beacon?" Olivia sighed. "If you come to the Beacon it's my treat…Okay, the Beacon then. How's one o' clock sound?" Olivia paused. "Yeah, I'm good…Yeah, she's sitting across from me right now, actually…Doris says hi," she told Natalia.

"Hi Doris," Natalia said loud enough to be heard.

"Okay, well I gotta go... One tomorrow it is…Bye." Olivia hung up and faced Natalia. "Why can't I take her to Company?"

"Blake works there," Natalia answered annoyed.

"And that's bad because…?" Olivia let the sentence hang.

"You're not supposed to be asking Doris directly. It's supposed to one of those 'what if' conversations, like, 'What if Blake Marler was interested in going out?' kinda deals."

"Exactly," Olivia retorted. "If Blake is working behind the counter it wouldn't seem so out of left field to ask if she thought Blake was cute, would it?"

Natalia considered Olivia's logic. "That's true. You make a great point. Call Doris back."

Olivia let out an exasperated sigh and ran a hand down one cheek.

"Woman! You drive me insane," she whispered hotly in bogus-anger.

Natalia laughed. "I'm just trying to play matchmaker for our friends. Is that so wrong?"

The dark haired woman showed her dimples and fluttered her eyelashes. Olivia groaned and pushed the button on the cell phone.

"Hey," she said into the phone. "I just remembered I'm going to be closer to Company around one, so can we go there after all…Yes, I'll still buy… Okay, I'll see you then. Bye." She then disconnected and face Natalia again. "Happy now?"

"Delighted," Natalia replied with a smirk.

"Stop that," Olivia told her firmly with a growing grin.

"Stop what?"

"Taking my advice by batting those baby browns to get what you want."

Natalia leaned closer toward Olivia. "So it really works, huh?"

Olivia closed her eyes and hummed softly. "Yes, like a charm," she replied and then opened her eyes again to see that Natalia was staring at her bosom unabashed. Olivia grinned. "Hey, Sweetheart? My eyes are up here," she said snapping her fingers and pointing to her face.

"I wasn't looking at your eyes," Natalia replied as she continued to mental undress Olivia. She rolled her shoulders and then finally looked up to Olivia's face to see that the older woman was blushing. "Did I just make Olivia Spencer, THE Olivia Spencer bashful?"

"You know I've had men…admire me, but…I've never had that happen."

"What exactly?" Natalia asked as her tongue snaked out to grab her drink straw before taking a drink.

Olivia licked her lips. "Never look so… shameless. Really…what did those nuns do you to you?"

Natalia giggled slightly. "Honestly?" Olivia nodded. "I read the bible, a lot. I read quite a few publications they had about love and sex and about how sex and sexual desire weren't only natural, they should be celebrated among couples…When I was able to balance that - the lifelong lessons of sinful lust and the scripture that allowed people to take pleasure in the flesh with a loved one then…well…everything made sense. I knew what I had to do – for the baby, for Frank, but most importantly for us. I came back here for you Olivia - not because this child's father is here but instead because her mother is here...You…I meant what I said last night, although I said it in anger and frustration…This child is here now because of the desire I felt for you." As she finished Natalia took her hand. "I always understood that I loved you. I desired you. But a part of me was never at peace with that, not totally."

Olivia swallowed hard and looked almost fearful. "But you're saying now you are?"

"I am," Natalia answered. "And I know you've wondered what happens if the next scary event drives me away again, but it didn't, did it? I mean when Rafe told me he joined up…" Natalia trailed off and closed her eyes. "I wanted to run. I wanted to grab him and just run, but… I came to the one person I needed most in the world. Grant it, her initial reaction was the last thing I needed and it didn't stop me from trying to close this distance between us, but-."

"I'm sorry for hurting you, Natalia," Olivia tried to being to speak but Natalia raised her hand.

"You've been hurt yourself. I'm the one that hurt you. I get that. I do. And I know that showing up on your doorstep – or more accurately your door – was a lot to ask of you. I just need you to realize that I was there because…you're all I want. That's the easiest way for me to say it. Rafe is a grown man and he's got his own life now…It's time for me to have a life and I want that life to be with you." Natalia had unshed tears in her eyes, but she widened them and sniffed slightly. "Anyway," she said cheerfully. "Hormones and such aside…Thanks for coming tonight. I AM SO glad you're here."

Slowly, Olivia smiled. "I am too…but you promised me something…"


Olivia's smile turned into a sexy smirk. "You've had naughty dreams you said that you'd discuss."

Natalia's smirk began to rival Olivia's

"Yes. Yes I did, didn't I?"

Olivia nodded and bit her lip in anticipation.

"Rather than tell you about the first dream I had why don't I tell you about the 'best' dream?"

"Why not do both?" Olivia coaxed and wiggled her eyebrows.

Natalia giggled shyly.

Chapter Twenty-Five

"So, you wanna know the first sexy dream I had about you, huh?" Natalia asked as the pair sat at the table at Towers.

"Yeah, I wanna hear." Olivia simply licked her lips, not adding more.

"Maybe we should order first. I wouldn't want to be interrupted," Natalia said coyly.

"Waiter," Olivia barked and waved him over anxiously.

Natalia stifled down a chuckle.

"Linguini?" Olivia asked her date.

"Yes, please," Natalia answered.

"Two linguini," Olivia instructed and then turned back to Natalia. "Now, you were saying?"

"I AM a patient woman," Natalia smirked. "You, obviously, are not."

"Honey, you have enough patience and sainthood for both of us…at least I'm hoping you do because, really, if not, I'm in serious trouble."

Natalia smiled and held out her hand on top of the table. "I've never…done anything like this – I mean…I've never told someone about naughty dreams so can I get a little support here please?" she said as she wiggled her fingers.

Olivia looked reluctant for only a second or two before she took her hand. "This better?" she asked.

"Much," Natalia replied. Olivia's hands were so soft. The Latina's fingers tightened and released around Olivia's a few times. "Now where was I?"

"First sexy dream," Olivia prompted. "That's as far as we got."

"The first dream wasn't sexy, not really. It was just a kiss. It was maybe two days – three days tops – after we met at Emma's birthday party."

"That soon, really? I thought you were teasing when you said it before."

"Not at all. I realized very quickly how truly gorgeous you are." Natalia studied Olivia's lips intently, getting lost in her examination. Realizing she wasn't saying anything she shuddered slightly and continued, "Anyway, in the dream I had gone into your foyer, but it wasn't a foyer, it was a kitchen."

"A kitchen?"

"It's a dream so it doesn't all make sense," Natalia explained.

"True. Go on."

"So I opened up the refrigerator and suddenly you were behind me. You asked if I found the fruit punch for the kids and I said yeah. I turned around and we were face-to-face…but it didn't feel awkward for you to be that close. I remember looking into your eyes and saying I'd never seen anyone with a color quite like yours. I felt hypnotized - like I couldn't escape. But the thing is, I didn't want to escape. I wanted to feel you possess me. I wanted your arms around me - your lips on mine." Unconsciously both women licked their lips. "Then you leaned in and you kissed me…but I didn't seem shocked. I didn't resist…I…well I dropped the punch and grabbed your face to pull you closer and that's when I woke up thinking, 'What was that?' And, of course, the next day I said lots of Hail Mary's."

Olivia chuckled.

"Funny, I know," Natalia replied. "But even back then I knew. You were unlike any other woman I'd ever met. You were scared that day, but… there was still this strength and determination that totally shined through…You were…you still are magnificent," Natalia clarified.

"I know the feeling," Olivia replied as she squeezed Natalia's hand. "There were times that I was very jealous of you because you had Gus, but the truth is… there were also times that I was jealous of him…he had you, completely. You adored him and…At first, I thought it was because I wanted someone to adore me that way, but then I realized… it was more." Olivia smiled bashfully, but then she looked scared and worried.

Natalia knew immediately what the look meant. "Please don't," she pleaded. "Don't shut me out. Go on. I need to hear what you want to say."

Olivia grinned due in part to what she knew she wanted to say, but also because Natalia really could read her that well. She swallowed hard and continued. "I wanted you to adore ME like that…but, of course, you never would so I… I did a lot of lashing out. I said a lot of things I didn't mean because it was…I don't know…safer?" Olivia shrugged. She then shook her head. "I was so harsh to you and…even today it feels like maybe I didn't learn my lesson the first time."

Natalia squeezed Olivia's hand. "You have every right to feel how you do, Olivia. And I don't think you intentionally tried to hurt me - even the date with Matt was nothing more than you 'running' from how you feel. You've been trying to protect yourself - and I get why. So... I came back with a strong resolve about my feelings, sure. But I know the way I left – and that need I had for solitude – it ripped you apart and... I broke your heart. But I honestly didn't think you would take things as hard as you did because… no one ever missed me."

"I don't believe that," Olivia replied.

"It's true," Natalia replied. "I'm not saying I didn't make acquaintances - I have. But my existence was never important to anyone... except maybe Rafe. And lately..." Natalia sighed.

"Well, I know for a fact that Jonesy in Chicago remembered you."

Natalia grinned. "You went to Jonesy's looking for me?"

"Yep. Nice guy," Olivia said in short, choppy sentences. "Seemed to recall you quite fondly…. I kinda handcuffed myself to his bar."

"What?" Natalia giggled.

Olivia looked embarrassed. "I mentioned I went a little psycho while you were gone, didn't I?" Natalia seemed dumbfounded so Olivia went on. "Yeah, trespassing charge. Got tossed in jail, but Josh came and bailed me out."

Natalia's mouth hung open. "You're making that up," she finally replied, unconvinced.

"Yeaaaaah, I wish I was, but…nope – it happened. In fact, next month I go back to court."

"Oh my goodness," Natalia said. "Well, can you get him to drop the charges?"

Olivia paused and bit her lip. "Jonesy really doesn't like me very much."

"Oh for Pete's sake," Natalia sighed. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" She didn't wait for Olivia to reply. "I'll call him and get him to drop the charges."

"I don't need you to pick up the mess I made," Olivia replied.

"I know. But it's my mess too, remember? We're a couple. What's yours is mine and what's mine is yours and we share everything – no secrets."

"Do we?" Olivia asked hopefully but with a touch of fear. "A big part of me wants to believe that, but there's this nagging voice that's telling me...don't be a chump again."

Natalia leaned over and brought Olivia's hand to her lips, kissing the knuckles. "I swear to you Olivia. With all I have…you mean the world to me."

Olivia grinned if only for a couple of seconds. She cleared her throat. "Why don't you tell me about your best dream now?"

Natalia gave her a sexy smirk and released her hand. She got up and she moved toward the seat next to Olivia as the hotelier looked at her curiously. She leaned down to Olivia's ear as she took her seat.

"I think if someone overhears this next conversation…we might get banned from Towers for life," she whispered.

"Oh wow," Olivia said hopefully as she felt Natalia's left hand settle at her knee giving it a light squeeze.

"I should preface this tale by saying thanks."

"Thanks?" Olivia asked confused.

"The first, and last, orgasm I ever had was the result of this dream I'm about to tell you."

"Oh good god," Olivia sighed, her mouth slightly open.

Natalia ran a finger down Olivia's jaw line. "Do I have your attention, Ms Spencer?"

She smirked.


Chapter Twenty-Six

"I just needed to make sure I have your total attention," Natalia teased.

"I'm intrigued, yes," Olivia said sounding frustrated.

Natalia laughed quietly and turned a bit more so she could face Olivia who was seated next to her. The close proximity of Natalia's body wasn't lost on Olivia in the slightest and the older woman couldn't help it when her eyes wondered down to Natalia's cleavage that sat only inches away.

"Guess I'm not the only breast gal at this table," Natalia noted with a sexy leer.

Olivia looked away, appearing slightly fretfully, but then turned back to face Natalia with renewed confidence.

"So do you have any idea why I asked you to wear this suit tonight?" Natalia asked.

Natalia's fingertips trailed down Olivia's arm, feeling the material, as she studied Olivia's profile. She could tell that any hope Olivia had of being tranquil in her presence was immediately departing. Her own breathing quickened as she watched Olivia's pupils dilating in arousal. And she knew Olivia's words might say one thing tonight, but the older woman's body would betray itself. Natalia grinned eagerly at the thought.

Awestruck, Olivia simply shook her head, unable to vocalize a single thought.

"You wore this..." Natalia said as she played gently with the sleeve as her breath danced across Olivia's neck, "…the day we went shopping for wedding dresses. Remember?"

Olivia struggled to find her voice. "I, uh, I remember that day, yeah."

"Yeah," Nat agreed with a seductive tilt to her voice. It sounded almost like a purr and Olivia had to look away. "You wanted me that day, didn't you?"

Natalia reached her wrist and she could feel how fast Olivia's pulse was pounding under her fingertips. She felt her mouth go dry as Olivia's eyes fluttered closed. Natalia smiled hungrily and began to unbutton Olivia's jacket at an excruciating slow pace. She took great delight as her fingers brushed against the hotelier's breasts and stomach.

"'talia," was all Olivia could manage to push from her lips.

Once all the buttons were undone, Natalia's hand snaked up between Olivia's breasts. She continued to reach up until her hand was able to stroke Olivia's cheek. The gesture forced Olivia's eyes opened again and she was suddenly meet with Natalia's wanton stare.

There were plenty of times that Olivia witnessed love and devotion reflected in Natalia's eyes, but never did she see this deep…passion. That look alone made the muscles deep inside of Olivia clinch in unlimited craving and what soon followed was a wetness that Olivia hadn't felt in years…perhaps ever. She physically had to shift in her seat to relieve the pressure.

Natalia opened Olivia's jacket slightly and took great delight in examine Olivia's bust line. She then reached across the table and dropped her napkin to the floor between them.

"Oops," she said as she put her hand on cheek in mock-surprise. "Be right back."

Olivia thought her heart would stop as Natalia's head bobbed down to her lap as the younger woman fished for the napkin on the floor. When she came back up, having not touched Olivia in the slightest, the older woman was both grateful and disappointed all at once.

"I just had to find out," Natalia said casually as she tossed her napkin back to the table.

"What?" Olivia asked, as if trying to get her bearings back.

Natalia smiled. "If I could smell your desire for me through that gorgeous suit."

"Oh, fuck," Olivia swore under her breath and wiped her forehead of the growing perspiration she was beginning to feel.

"You smell delicious, by the way," she said trying to come off as being casual. Natalia continued to smile at the reaction, but then she looked serious again. The lust promptly returned to her eyes. "No more secrets - we promised…" she added in a whisper. "You wanted to take me at that dress shop, didn't you?"

Olivia swallowed and tried to look away, but Natalia captured her chin. Unable to escape, Olivia took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Yes," she surrendered. "I wanted you."

"I know. I could tell by the way you looked at me in that mirror." Natalia released a slight groan of her own before continuing. "I could tell by the way the back of your fingers caressed my shoulders and arm as you adjusted the smock. I could tell by the way your eyes devoured me in a way you wish your lips and mouth could…" Olivia could only nod in reply, as Natalia continued, sounding breathless herself. "It took all the willpower you had to hold yourself back from exploring me that day, didn't it?"

Olivia took a ragged sigh. "God, yes."

Natalia grinned and continued almost breathlessly, "I know you did. That's why later that night… that's when it happened."

"What?" Olivia asked, finally turning her head to look at Natalia.

"In my dream," Natalia whispered. "In my dream, you had no willpower and you wore this outfit the first time you made me come…" Olivia let out the smallest of whimpers that didn't go undetected by Natalia. "That turns you on, doesn't it? It makes you wonder what you did to me, huh?" Natalia asked brazenly.

"Don't tease," Olivia managed in a breathy response.

"It's only teasing if I don't tell you what happened," Natalia breathed and rested her forehead against Olivia's temple. "Do you wanna hear? I'll stop now if you want."

Olivia licked her lips and her arm slipped under the table and squeezed Natalia's leg, slowly she began to raise the material of the skirt Natalia was wearing.

"T-Tell me… how…" Olivia struggled.

Natalia grinned wickedly as she put a halt to Olivia's hand. "How what…?"

Olivia turned to face Natalia and the look of lust in Natalia's eyes momentarily caught her off guard. She didn't dwell on it though. Instead her other palm cupped Natalia's cheek and she sighed herself when she watched the Latina woman melt into the slight embrace. Natalia nuzzled her hand with a mixture of affection and desire, and when Olivia didn't reply, Natalia opened her eyes and fixed them on Olivia's.

"Say it, Honey," Natalia prompted.

"How did I make you come?" Olivia asked.

The question came out like an unadulterated, desire-filled whine of pure ache and heat, the likes of which even caught Natalia by surprise.

But it wasn't just the words alone, but also Olivia's actions. On the word 'come,' Olivia's thumb brushed Natalia's cheekbone affectionately and the dark-haired woman moaned. The Latina shifted her head slightly and planted a kiss on the ball of Olivia's hand, just below the thumb. Then Natalia moved her chair over slightly and tucked her body even closer to Olivia.

"I'll tell you, Cariño," Natalia replied breathless herself. "I'll tell you."

Chapter Twenty-Seven

"Where should I begin?" Natalia pondered.

Before she got any further though they both looked up to see the waiter standing there with a serving tray and two plates.

"You moved," he mentioned to Natalia.

"Yeah, just sit it here please," she told him as she pointed. "Thank you," she added as he rested her plate down before her.

"Can we get two boxes and the bill now?" Olivia told him. "I'm not sure how much longer we'll be here."

"Certainly," he replied and then added, "Are you feeling okay? You look a little flushed."

"I'm good. Just those boxes please."

"Absolutely," he replied.

After he left the table, Natalia giggled.

"See what you do to me?" Olivia replied with a slight grin herself. "All the blood as left my face and moved to other areas. Even the 'help' is noticing."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Natalia retorted.

Olivia paused for a moment not saying anything.

"I'm soooo gonna wreck you for anyone else in the world – you'll never want another lover in your bed after tonight. You wait and see."

"Promises, promises," Natalia teased with a bored sigh.

"You think I'm kidding?"

"No, but you're not ready for that," Natalia replied being serious again. "Not yet anyway."

"Believe me dear. I'm ready."

"Physically? Yeah. The taunt nipples and the puddle in your chair says as much," she said, making Olivia groan. "Emotionally though?" Natalia just shook her head. "HOWEVER, there's no reason why we can't…play… I'm game if you are?"

Olivia licked her lips.

The waiter arrived with two boxes. "Here's the bill too. Did you need anything else right now?"

"We're good, Brad," Natalia replied. "Thank you."

He smiled and after he walked away, Olivia asked. "You know him?"

"No," Natalia said, sounding confused.

"Oh, well, you mentioned him by name," Olivia explained.

"Yeah, it's on his name tag." She laughed softly.

"Well, to be honest, I wasn't paying attention to 'Brad' – I've been a bit preoccupied," Olivia retorted.

Natalia smiled. "I've worked in the service industry and it was always nice when customers treated me like a person and not an errand girl. How do you think I manage to get us the best seats and service whenever we go out? You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, dear."

"Well, let's get back to why I can't 'catch you' tonight," Olivia replied. "You're not pulling a 'come here / go away routine,' are you? Because—"

"Not at all," Natalia answered quickly and confidently. "I want you. Lord knows I WANT you, but not at the risk of moving too quickly. Besides, wouldn't you rather…warm up…to the idea of you and me? I was making you rather warm before, wasn't I?" There was no denying the alluring tone in her voice and Olivia simply closed her eyes in response. "Now, where were we?" she asked.

Olivia turned in her chair slightly and opened her eyes again. She grinned only for a moment and then nuzzled her nose between Natalia's earlobe and her hair.

"You were going to tell me how I made you climax, remember?" Olivia whispered.

Natalia groaned and balled the end of Olivia's jacket into a tight fist.

"Right," she replied. "Your hands," Natalia said, "…it was your hands that I remember the most."

"What did they do?" Olivia asked.

"Everything," Natalia answered sensuously.

"Like what?" Olivia asked. "Show me," she added in a come-hither tone.

"Oh, Goodness," Natalia uttered in an inflamed tone. "If I did that then we definitely would be kicked out of here for life."

Both women chuckled slightly. "Tonight I'd take that chance," Olivia replied. She then slowly slid the tablecloth toward Natalia's stomach. Soon after Olivia's fingers began to slide up Natalia's leg and under the skirt she was wearing.

Her fingers were nearly at the apex when Natalia reached down and snared Olivia's wrist.

"That's far enough, Sailor," she teased. "Down girl."

"I'll go down," Olivia breathed in her ear. "I'll do lots of things – just tell me." Natalia loosened her hold on Olivia's hand and that's all the invitation she needed. Olivia's fingers reached the silk material there, finding it beyond slick. It was positively soaked.

Natalia whimpered. "I want you Olivia, but please, not like this. Not here."

Olivia's hand retreated slightly, but it didn't leave Natalia's thigh. "Don't worry, Sweetie. I won't if you don't want. I just had to see if you're as drenched as I am right now."

"You got your answer," Natalia replied.

"I sure did, but don't worry. I won't take you in a semi-crowded restaurant…at least not yet," she added and wiggled her eyebrows. Natalia released a gently sigh at the remark and rested her head on Olivia's shoulder. "But you do need to tell me about the dream. Deal?"

Natalia grinned. "Okay…The dream…Well, we were at the dress shop…"

Chapter Twenty-Eight

"Standing there, looking in the mirror, I couldn't take my eyes off of you, remember?" Natalia asked.

Olivia settled in even closer, putting her arm around the back of Natalia's chair as she nodded. "Go on…"

"Well…" Natalia said as she began to remember the dream.


The shop was filled with both natural and artificial light. Everywhere she looked Natalia saw wedding dresses - the icons associated with everlasting love, unity and devotion. And nearly all of them were white, of course - the color of purity. It felt like a cruel joke. As she looked at Olivia staring at her in the reflection she knew her thoughts were anything but pure. The desire, the lust, the longing she felt…it was everything her family and church warned her about. It would take her down a wicked path; someplace beyond redemption. But if it was so evil then why did it feel so fulfilling, so…right?

"C-can I ask you something?" Natalia began.

Olivia cleared her throat. "You can ask me anything."

"At the engagement party… you were giving a toast, remember?" Natalia seemed to struggle with each word although she continued to focus on Olivia's reflection in the mirror behind her.

"I remember," she replied.

"If my glass hadn't slipped – no, if I hadn't stopped you by dropping my glass…" Natalia confessed. "…would you have said it?"

"Said what?" Olivia asked knowingly.

Natalia reached over and took Olivia's hand that was resting on her arm, intertwining their fingers together.

"You know what," Natalia answered. "That you loved me."

Olivia took a deep breath. "You love Frank," she reminded her.

Natalia tightened her hold on Olivia's hand and muttered softly, "Matthew Chapter Five says: 'You have heard that the law of Moses says, 'Do not commit adultery.' But I say, anyone who even LOOKS at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart'…"

"And?" Olivia prompted when Natalia trailed off.

"I love Frank. I do," she began, "but I don't desire him….and the thoughts I have about you…the way we look at each other, like right now…it is with lust, isn't it?"

"Natalia," Olivia said drawing her name out.

"It is…and you feel it too…don't you?" Olivia didn't answer. The older woman was paralyzed. Whether it was from fear or desire, Natalia couldn't tell. Either way, Olivia's face was an unreadable mask. "Please say something," Natalia begged. Still, Olivia said and did nothing and a worried expression began to form on Natalia's face. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry I said anything. It's obvious you don't desire me…and I totally misread-."

Olivia turned Natalia around putting her hands on her waist. The younger woman tried to hide her face, but Olivia took a firm hold of her chin with one hand so their eyes meet.

"Stop. Just stop," Olivia said compassionately.

The kiss she planted on Natalia's lips was long and lingering. It wasn't searching in the slightest – it was more like dipping a toe into a pool to test the water, rather than a nosedive. Yet, at the same time, it still stole both of their breaths and left them both quivering.

"You have to marry Frank," Olivia repeated as she rested her forehead on Natalia's. "It's not about what I want or what you want. I won't make an adulterer out of you."

She began to pull away, but Natalia refused to let Olivia go.

"That's my point," she insisted. "I already am an adulterer. It doesn't matter what I do because I'm just as guilty because of what's in my heart and I'd rather be with you. I could marry Frank, sure, but I'd spend the rest of my life wondering 'what it' and wanting you – totally; completely and in every way."

"Oh yeah," Olivia replied skeptically; defiantly. She grabbed Natalia's smock and pulled the woman closer to her – totally capturing her so she couldn't escape.. Their bodies shook at the impact and Natalia let out a small yelp.

"See? Even that scares you," Olivia pointed out upon hearing the noise.

Natalia's hands suddenly grabbed Olivia's thigh and back, pulling her closer still.

"It's not fear you're seeing or hearing," Natalia said testing Olivia's bravery.

Olivia leered at Natalia, and muttered, "You do look beautiful in this dress."

"Think of how I'd look out of it," Natalia challenged.

Olivia groaned and her lips descended on Natalia. This time instead of a chaste kiss of exploration she let her passion explode, devouring the woman. She worked her fingers through Natalia's hair and pulled the young woman's head back, exposing her neck.

"Then what happened?" Olivia asked as she sat next to Natalia, stroking the younger woman's knee at the restaurant.

"You started to quote scripture – Romans actually," Natalia replied deadpanned.

Olivia couldn't help, but giggle. "Imaginary Olivia is quite the bible beater then?"

Natalia smiled and nodded.


Olivia's tongue and teeth nipped at the bare flesh.

"Let love be without hypocrisy," she told Natalia in a rasping voice against her neck. "Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good - Romans 12:9." Upon uttering the word 'cling' Olivia unzipped the back of the dress and her hands began to caress Natalia's unclothed back. "Is this what you want? Is it?"

"No," Natalia growled. "I want more." She pushed Olivia back down into the chair behind her. The older woman landed with a slight thud and the look of surprise. She looked up to see Natalia pushing the dress completely off of her body. Olivia watched wide-eyed at the woman before her clad only in her white lace underwear.

"Jesus, Joseph, Mary and all the saints," Olivia mumbled. "You're gorgeous."

Natalia smiled. "So you do want me – I knew it," she teased.

Still wearing her shocked expression, Olivia watched Natalia straddled her legs and took her hands in hers, placing them on her hips.


"So you straddled me?" Olivia asked. "Right there in the dress shop?"

"Yeah," Natalia sighed and closed her eyes remembering.

"You didn't bother to take me into the dressing room?"

Natalia slowly opened her eyes again and focused on Olivia.

"I had to have you; right then and there. It was that look in your eyes that did me in… kinda like what I'm seeing now," she added with a slight giggle. Olivia turned away slightly embarrassed for a moment, but Natalia turned her back to face her. "Anyway, it was only a dream, but I swear I could feel your fingers under mine, your hands on my hips…You ran one of your hands across my stomach and then moved up between my breasts." Olivia licked her lips and Natalia smirked, satisfied with the effect she was having on the older woman. "Then it happened."

"You climaxed?" Olivia asked in anticipation.

"Slow down Tiger," Natalia retorted. "You think I'm THAT easy? Heck, no! You're dealing with thirty plus years of embedded Catholic teaching, remember?"

Olivia grinned. "Okay, so what DID happen?"

Natalia grinned seductively. "This…"

She took Olivia's hand as she titled her head back and led the woman's hand up her throat and over her chin. Then she took the hotelier's thumb into her mouth and began to gently suck on it. She let her tongue play with the very tip in a rapid motion.

"Uhhhh," Olivia grunted through clinched teeth and reluctantly she pulled away. "So, uh, what, uh, happened next?" Olivia asked as she moved her hand to cup the side of Natalia's face.


At the dress shop, Olivia took back possession of her hand and began to kiss Natalia with wild fervor. Natalia's hands worked their way into Olivia's hair, pulling her closer and leading her to every area she needed kissed. Olivia happily obliged her and followed the path Natalia was creating – the Latina's earlobe, neck, cheeks, lips…When Natalia shifted to get a better position she ending up rising slightly in the process.

Not wasting the opportunity of Natalia's cleavage before her, Olivia captured the erect nipple bouncing in her face. One hand left Natalia's hip and she cradled the breast in her hand as she devoured the flesh before her. Natalia tightened her hold on Olivia's hair as they both moaned in pleasure. A few moments later, Olivia reached over with her other hand and brought both breast together, putting both of them in her mouth.

"Yessss," Natalia hissed into the top of Olivia's head as the woman continued to worship her breasts with abandon. Olivia had to grin when she felt Natalia began to rock her hips in response. Feeling the smile before every seeing it Natalia looked down and asked, "What?"

Olivia sucked briefly on Natalia's nipple and said, "This isn't nearly enough is it?"

"Are you kidding?" Natalia replied. "I love it."

Olivia's hand reached between Natalia's legs and stroked the folds just briefly. Natalia's breath caught and she omitted a deep sigh of desire. Olivia again, made only one pass across Natalia's sex with her fingers and once more she got the same response.

"You love this more, don't you?" Olivia asked.

All thought of attempting to speak escaped Natalia. All she could do was nod fervently. It was all the invitation Olivia needed. Her hand began to stroke Natalia in rhythm – they weren't firm strokes in the slightest and were more teasing than anything. As a result Natalia put her hands on Olivia's shoulders for support and began to ardently move her hips in time with Olivia's hand.

"Yeah," Olivia coaxed, her shoulder rising and falling with each synchronized stroke. "That's it, Sweetie. Grind those hips into me," she muttered, before she reached up, snaring Natalia's nipple again with her lips as her fingers worked magic from below.


Back at the table at Towers, Olivia held up a finger and took a drink of her water. Her hand was shaking so bad though that Natalia had to help her steady the glass.

"Okay?" Natalia asked as Olivia put the glass back down. "Should I continue or stop here?"

"Don't you dare stop," Olivia threatened.

Natalia smiled. "Funny – that was my response in my dream."


"Had enough?" Olivia asked as she continued to rub her fingers through the slickness she'd created within Natalia.

Natalia first let out a series of grunts and when Olivia acted like she was going to take her hand away Natalia grabbed her wrist, keeping it steady. From that point, Natalia did all the work. She held Olivia's hand in place as she slid her sex across it, moving faster and faster. Olivia grinned when she saw Natalia looking passionate, but also…frustrated.

"You want more, don't you?" Olivia told her with a smile. "But you're not sure what you need, huh?" Natalia nodded a bit shyly. "Oh no," Olivia warned. "You're not getting self-conscious on me now. You just want to get fucked, Honey. That's what you want and that's okay. In fact, that's wonderful." Natalia nodded enthusiastically. "Then say it," Olivia told her. "I want you to say it," The younger woman didn't slow her movement, but she seemed reluctant to voice the words, at least until Olivia softly swore, "God, you're so fucking hot, Natalia."

"Inside me," Natalia said softly.

"Louder," Olivia ordered. "Say it, please."

"I want you inside me now," Natalia ordered.

Olivia took her hand away, making Natalia whimper at the loss of contact. It didn't last long though.

"Stand up," Olivia ordered.

Natalia moved to her feet as best as her legs could hold her, but she didn't have to stay upright for long. Olivia swiftly pulled off the soaked panties and led Natalia to the floor. She gently placed her across her crumpled wedding dress that lay there. The older woman looked at Natalia's dark hair, wild and strewn across the whiteness of the dress. Natalia then reached up a hand to Olivia who was now kneeling over her.

"Take me," Natalia coaxed as she grabbed Olivia by the jacket, pulling her closer.

Olivia didn't say a single word. Her clothed legs slipped between Natalia's naked thighs, making both women groan. Not wasting a moment, Olivia slipped two fingers easily inside Natalia and began to pump the young woman. She watched Natalia's pelvis thrust with each motion she made and she felt herself start to perspire. Her clothes felt cumbersome and she reluctantly reached to take off the jacket.

"No," Natalia said, "Please. Leave it on. You look so hot; controlling; powerful. Leave it."

"It's just that it's getting pretty warm in here," Olivia remarked.

"Good. I wanna make you sweat. I wanna feel you dripping on me; the slick skin; the…oh please, Olivia. Please."

Olivia grinned in knowing she could never refuse Natalia of anything she asked. She could delay it. She could try to ignore it. But whatever Natalia wanted she'd get it in the end and this was no different. And if right now she wanted her inside of her…

Olivia began to grind her hips against Natalia, the fabric of the pants rubbing against Natalia's clit. For her part, the Latina reached down and grabbed Olivia's derriere, pulling her even closer.

"God, Natalia," Olivia muttered, "Can you feel it? Can you feel it?"

Her eyes went wide. "Yes," she replied. "I-I-I…"


Back at the restaurant, Natalia was raising her water glass to her lips.

Olivia mimicked Natalia by saying, "I-I-I-…" and then she asked in an impatient whisperer, "You what? Go on."

"That's just it. I couldn't say anything and… it happened. That's when I came. I didn't know what was happening," Natalia confessed. "I just felt this building and building and building and…then this wave of pure pleasure washed over me. I woke up immediately and found my hands between my legs. I could still feel the walls inside me still clinching and releasing. And that's when I realized…"


"Why sex is such a big deal," Natalia said with a slight chuckle. "My goodness, sex could be fantastic. So imagine my absolute horror months later when you show up at my doorstep telling me that we'd never have to have sex?"

Olivia smiled and ran her fingers through her own hair. "I didn't want to scare you away."

"Well you almost did because I want that – I want that feeling for real…" She got a serious but loving look on her delicate features, "I want that feeling with you."

Olivia gave her a genuine smile. Although she lusted after her for sure, the smile contained all the joy and love Olivia still had for Natalia.

"That's why, no matter how much I want you tonight," Natalia continued, "…my first time with you…It needs to be right Olivia…or 'good' as you've said. At this point…As much as I do desire you, I'm not sure we're there yet – and I know, that's my fault. But I'm trying to show you how much I want you…on every level."

Olivia cleared her throat and she took Natalia's face in her hands. She kissed her gently, but soundly on the lips and was pleased when Natalia didn't resist in the slightest.

"We'll get there," she said affectionately.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

"Sorry I'm late," Doris said as she made her way to the table where Olivia was seated. "The damn water department. You know water should not be a complicated issue. You make it clean – case closed. So again, I apologize."

"That's fine," Olivia replied. "I'm the boss so I can come and go as I please. Have a seat."

"So," Doris said as she settled in taking the menu. "Why am I here and what do you need?"

"I can't just have lunch with a friend?" Olivia asked. Before she had a chance to add anything more, Blake walked up.

"Can I get you a drink, Doris?"

"Yeah, a shot of J.D. and a cola. It's been a long day already and it's not over yet."

"We don't have any alcohol here," Blake replied.

"Liar," she said with a playful smile.

"No, we really don't."

Doris held up a finger and got up. She walked around to the bar and went to Buzz's cupboard and pulled out a shot glass and the whisky bottle. She filled up the glass and put the items away before walking back to her table.

As she sat down Blake asked, "How did you-?"

"A cola please," Doris replied with a grin. "And don't worry. I have absolutely no intention of paying for this shot, so you're not violating any liquor laws."

"That's not yours," Blake replied.

Doris looked at Blake, the shot, Blake again and then picked up the shot. She raised it first in a toasting fashion to Blake and then downed it in one gulp. She handed the empty shot glass back to Blake and patted her hand once she had a grip on it.

"Now be a dear and fill that up again when you bring my cola. Thanks." She then turned to Olivia, totally disregarding Blake. "Anyway, you never answered me. What's up?" Dumbstruck at Doris's moxie behavior, Blake grinned as she walked away with the empty glass. Olivia tried not to laugh. "What?" Doris asked.

"Nothing," Olivia snickered. "I, uh, I asked you here today because I promised my girlfriend I would."

"Girlfriend, huh?" Doris teased. "So she finally won you over?"

Olivia considered the comment. "Let's just say I'm at the 'forgive' phase, but not the 'forget' part yet."

"You might never forget what she did," Doris replied. "Can you live with that?"

"It's far better than living without her," Olivia replied, "but I'm not here to talk about me."

"Okay, again, why ARE we here?"

Olivia tried to find a starting place. "Hmm…okay, I'm supposed to be super sneaky here and not come right out and ask, but skip it. Bottom line – what do you think of Blake Marler?"

"I think she'd make a lousy bartender. I still don't have my drink," she replied.

Olivia sighed exasperated. "Don't make this harder on me than it needs to be."

"Make what harder? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Do you think Blake's cute?"

Doris paused a beat. "Do I think she's CUTE? Why does it suddenly feel like I'm in the eighth-grade?"

"Yes or no?"

Doris looked at Blake putting some drinks on a serving tray.

"Well," Doris began as she gave the woman an appraising eye, "I wouldn't call her 'cute.' She's attractive, certainly…Nice legs….Plus, she's got that strawberry-blonde workin' for her. Why are you asking me? I thought you said you and Natalia were working things out?"

"I'm not asking for me!" Olivia spat in a harsh whisper. "I'm asking for you, ya goofball! She told Natalia she feels a 'vibe' with you and thought you might be interested."

"Hell, I flirt with just about every attractive woman I see. But dating the town gossip? Ha! Hello! I'm trying to stay IN the closet," Doris replied.

A few moments later, Blake arrived at the table and put down another shot of whisky and cola with a shy smile.

"A woman after my own heart," Doris complimented. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Blake said as a rosiness came to her cheeks. "Do you know what you want for lunch?"

Doris maintained eye contact and pushed her hair over her shoulder. "What's on special?" she asked.

Self-consciously Blake began to play with her order pad, unable to continue looking at Doris for the moment. She was surprised to see Doris was still studying her when she raised her eyes again.

"Egg salad or turkey with cheddar. Both come with soup – chicken noodle or cream of mushroom," she replied.

Doris gave a short nod. "Let's go turkey and mushroom."

"You got it," Blake said before turning to Olivia.

"I'll just go with the chicken noodle. I'm not super hungry today."

Blake reached over and took the menus, saying, "Thanks ladies."

As she walked away to place the order, Olivia turned back to Doris.

"What do you say? We could all go out."

"You mean like a double date?"

"Yeah," Olivia replied hopefully.

Doris poured her shot into her cola and began to stir it with her straw. "No because lesbians don't double date, okay? We date. We have potlucks. But there's absolutely no double dating allowed. It's a rule."

"Oh really?"

"Absolutely," Doris tried to say seriously and started to grin.

"Oh yeah, well, be a rebel," Olivia said, becoming animated waving her hands. "Throw caution to the wind. You said you never take any risks so take one now – come on a double date and risk that lesbian street cred of yours."

Doris giggled and shook her head. "I'm not sure who's crazier – you for suggesting this or me for actually considering it."

"I'm not really into women, but Blake's a looker, right?"

Doris just stared at Olivia for a moment. "You're the worst lesbian in the world. You know that, right?"

"I'm not a lesbian. Why does everyone think that?"

Doris chuckled. "Oh, I don't know," she sarcastically. "Maybe because you're living with a woman, raising your kids together and maybe, if you're lucky enough, having sex everyday. Olivia, sweetie, honey, dear…that makes you gay."

"But women in general don't turn me on. I'm not even sure I can be called bi, except when it comes to Natalia, who, speaking of which, is driving me crazy. And yes, like you said, I'd love to have sex every night. Hell, even once before I die would be great at this point. Just last night I missed my linguini dinner because she had to tell me about her sexy 'Olivia' dreams."

"So you're in her wet dreams, huh?" Doris teased.

"Yeah, but I'd rather be in her bed," Olivia replied.

"Says the straight woman, right?" Doris mocked. Olivia simply groaned. "Okay hetro-gal," Doris provoked, making Olivia roll her eyes, "… does this mean you're okay with everything that happened? Her leaving; not saying where she was going; so on and so forth?"

Olivia rolled her shoulders. "I didn't say that. I just said I want to be in her bed."

Doris laughed and Olivia had to smile too.

"She says I'm not ready," Olivia continued. "She turns me on completely and says I'm not ready. I'm ready already, really. I am. I'm beyond ready. I'm raring to go."

Both women began to chuckle and Doris said, "You means she's a C.T.?"

"A what?"

"Clit tease – a C.T.," Doris replied.

Olivia giggled like a schoolgirl. "That's funny, but no. I think she's just as 'tormented' as I am about it all. Actually, I know she is because I made her give me her soaked underwear. I mean how sad is that?"

The mayor carefully considered what she just heard.

"That sounds kinda hot actually," Doris replied. "You made her give you her underwear, really?"

Olivia got a far off look in her eye for a moment as she remembered the night before.


Each woman had a bag in her hand with their take-out food as they walked to Natalia's car.

"Thank you for dinner," Natalia told her. "Next time, it'll be my treat."

"Don't worry about it." Olivia smiled.

Natalia took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. "Soooo…"

She held her hand out awkwardly for Olivia to shake. Olivia smiled and looked at the offered appendage. She took Natalia's bag from her and place both of their food containers on the ground at their feet. Rather than shaking Natalia's hand, Olivia placed Natalia's hand on her hip and Natalia took the cue, pulling Olivia closer.

"Is this how I first kissed you in your dream?" Olivia asked as she closed the distance between them.

Olivia captured Natalia's face with both hands. She ran her fingers behind Natalia's ears, playing with her hair for a moment before her thumbs began to caress Natalia's cheekbones.

Natalia's eyes fluttered closed and she sighed in contentment and arousal. When she didn't feel Olivia descend toward her that's when she opened her eyes again. She met Olivia's expression of pure love and worship and she began to grin.

"I love you too," Natalia said although Olivia hadn't spoken a word.

The affectionate comment made Olivia smile and she closed the distance between them. Both women could feel their hearts threatening to beat out of their chests as their lips tentatively touched. Although it wasn't the first time they'd ever kissed it was probably the most important kiss of their lives together…at least so far.

It was gentle, sweet but totally electric with neither woman ever feeling a jolt like it before. Olivia pulled back only a few fractions of an inch and quickly returned. Her lips snared Natalia's bottom lip. Natalia, for her part, kissed Olivia's top lip and allowed her tongue to gently swipe at the cleft area between Olivia's nose and lips.

The gesture was Olivia's undoing and she found herself pulling Natalia's face closer as her tongue began to explore the inside of Natalia's mouth. She found no resistance. In fact, Natalia met her stroke for stroke and when Natalia began to suck on Olivia's tongue the older woman's legs physically began to buckle.

Both of them began to giggle and pulled away.

"See what you do?" Olivia told her. "You bring me to my knees," she said in an exaggerated gesture as she went to the ground.

Natalia laughed and looked around nervously to see if anyone else could see them in the parking lot. Olivia looked up at Natalia mischievously. She began to run her hands up the back of Natalia's legs and under her skirt.

"Olivia," Natalia said sounding concerned and curious about what the hotelier was going to do.

Olivia cupped Natalia's back side and said, "I want these," as she began to pull the underwear off her hips.

Olivia slid the garment down Natalia's legs and once they were at her ankles Natalia balanced herself on Olivia's shoulders as she stepped out of them. Once the underwear was firmly in her possession, Olivia brought the panties up to her face and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent. The moan Olivia exuded made Natalia whimper.

"Do you mind if I keep these?" Olivia asked as she held them in front of Natalia.

"Not at all," Natalia croaked, her own desire at what she just witnessed evident in her voice.

Olivia smiled confidently as she moved to her feet. "Two can play this arousal game after all."

She then reached down and grabbed one the doggie bags. She slid Natalia to the side and opened her car door from her. Escorting her to the driver's seat, Olivia handed the bag over to Natalia.

"Call me tonight?" Olivia asked. "Let me know you made it home okay?"

Natalia could only nod at first, but then she broke from her hypnotic state.

"Hope you, uh, enjoy those," she said nodding her head toward Olivia's pocket that held her underwear.

"Don't worry. Someday, I'll tell you all about it. Goodnight."

And with that she closed Natalia's car door.


It was Doris's voice that shook her from the memory. "Earth to Olivia?"

"Sorry, what did you say?" she asked sounding a tad startled.

"I asked if you really asked for her underwear?"

"More like I took them. I mean I couldn't help it. I knew that they'd…smell like her and according to Blake sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands so it made a nice…motivator…for when I was home…all by myself…in that big bed…totally alone." Olivia let out an exasperated sigh.

Doris giggled and asked, "And Natalia had no issue with this?"

Olivia began to grin wickedly. "By the way her voice cracked, I'm guessing she thought it was pretty hot like you did."

"Damn, Spencer," Doris guffawed. "I gotta try that move sometime."

Blake returned and began to serve the food and Doris winked at Olivia and nodded her head slightly toward Blake in a 'watch this' kind of fashion.

"So what are you doing tonight around seven?" Doris asked Blake.

Blake instantly turned red, but tried to play things casually by saying, "Ehh, nothing that I know of. Why?"

"Well, Olivia gave me the impression that you wanted to get together. She thinks the four of us should go out." She turned to Olivia. "Does seven work for you and Natalia?"

"Yeah," Olivia then turned to the waitress. "What about you, Blake? Seven?"

"Seven's good," she replied. "If you like Italian food there's Dominic's on Main?"

"Dominic's at seven. We'll see you then," Doris replied.

Blake walked away with a large grin and Doris found herself smiling too. She turned to Olivia. Still smiling she said, "If this turns out to be a disaster I'm never forgiving your girlfriend, ever."

Olivia smiled too.

"Take it from me personally… You can try, but it's hard to STAY mad at Natalia."

Chapter Thirty

Dominic’s Restaurant wasn’t crowded since it was the middle of the week during a sluggish economy. There were only two other couples at two different tables having a meal. All told that fact might not have been a terrible thing as voices and tempers began to rise at one table in particular.

Doris and Olivia sat on one side while Blake and Natalia sat respectively across from them on the other.

"If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns," Doris said firmly to Blake, she then pointed to Olivia. "She’s got a 9 millimeter Glock." She paused and looked over to Olivia appearing impressed. "It’s really beautiful actually."

"Thanks," Olivia said a bit unsure if she wanted to even come near this debate.

"Who said anything about banning all guns," Blake replied, ignoring Olivia’s part in the conversation and focusing on Doris. "I’m talking about things like… I don’t know, a AR-15 with a 50 round magazine."

Natalia reached over and held an appetizer in her hand, putting it between Doris and Blake. "Cheese stick?" she asked nervously, hoping to break the growing tension.

"No thank you," Doris said shortly, but politely. Her face slipped back into debate mode as she faced Blake again. "For the record, the AR-15 has a 10 round magazine," she corrected. "But your point being?"

"A weapon like that isn’t used to hunt deer, okay? Let’s be honest. It’s designed to kill people."

"And target practice," Doris said. "Some people just like the thrill of shooting, right?" She turned back to Olivia.

Olivia looked at Natalia with an expression that showed she really didn’t want to enter the debate whatsoever.

"Yeah," she replied trying to sound neutral.

"And I bet you’ve even taken Natalia shooting," Doris prodded.

"No, actually. She won’t go."

"Smart girl," Blake added.

"Now what a second, Blake," Olivia said starting to get irritated. "I think everyone should know how to handle a gun because you never know when you might be forced to use one - you especially since you work at Company. A mugger comes in waving a gun and it drops you should be able to pick it up and fire it, if needed."

"Thank you," Doris said motioning to Olivia. "Finally, the voice of reason."

"That makes no sense," Natalia said jump in, coming to Blake’s defense. "If Blake doesn’t want to play with guns she shouldn’t have to."

Olivia asked, "Play with guns?" while at the same time Doris said, "No one’s talking about ‘playing’ at all." Both women sounded aggravated.

"You know what," Olivia said to Natalia. "I’ll come over this week with the Glock and we can do some target practice out at the farm. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for Rafe to come over too. That way you can see that it’s not ‘playing,’ okay?"

"Not okay. I don’t like guns," Natalia answered. "I hated the fact you had it at the house before."

"Question," Doris began. "Let’s say someone breaks into the farmhouse and they’re going to hurt you or Olivia or even Emma. The only thing between you and the attacker is Olivia’s Glock. What do you do?"

"That’s ridiculous," Natalia answered.

Olivia folded her arms across her chest. "I’d like to know the answer. Because I sure know what the hell I would do. I wouldn’t think twice about it either."

"You were ready to shoot Phillip earlier this year," Natalia offered, "…which proves Blake’s point that guns can be dangerous. Heck, if I wasn’t there to talk you down you might have actually done it."

The waiter arrived and could feeling the tension at the table. He gingerly asked, "Did you ladies need a few more minutes?"

"Yes, please," Olivia told him. He seemed thankful for the reprieve and he quickly scurried away. Olivia turned back to Natalia. "No arguments. I’m teaching you how to shoot this weekend."

"And I don’t get a say in whether or-?"

"No," Olivia said cutting her off. "I don’t care if you ever pick up a gun again. I just want to make sure you know how to use mine. Lord knows – and no, I’m not being blasphemous when I say that – Lord knows I never want you to have to use it. However, I would feel better knowing you’ve fired it at least once before. So please, for my peace of mind, let me show you this weekend."

Natalia grinned slightly. "So..." she said changing the subject. "What’s everyone going to have?"

"That’s it?" Blake asked her. "She ‘lays down the law’ and you ‘fall in line’?"

Natalia shrugged. "She said please." Blake rolled her eyes and Natalia chuckled and then looked solemn. "Seriously, I can tell that this is important to Olivia and it’s not about winning an argument. She thinks this will make her feel better so…yeah, I’ll do it for her."

"It must be love," Blake remarked.

"Or being whipped," Doris muttered, which made Blake smile. "So, what’s good?" Doris asked Olivia.

"The lasagna, but it’s not as good as Natalia’s," she complimented with a smile, which brought out Natalia’s dimples.

"Whipped," Doris mouthed to Blake and then pointed at Olivia.

Blake giggled and Olivia looked over at the pair. "What?" she asked.

"Nothing," Doris lied. "I think I’ll go with the lasagna."

Chapter Thirty-One

Having managed their way through dinner, the foursome now stood at the small bar at Dominic's Restaurant.

"Whose idea was this again?" Olivia whispered to Natalia fully aware she knew it was her girlfriend. They watched Doris and Blake wagging their fingers into each other's face at the other end a few feet away.

Natalia gently slapped Olivia's arm. "Hey," she began. "…Blake asked me, alright? I just offered to help." They both watched as Doris threw her hands up in the air and rolled her eyes. "This isn't going well, is it?" Natalia asked.

"No," Olivia sighed. "No, it is not," she added very matter-of-factly. "Okay, we need to jump in here before someone gets arrested...or worse."

"Come on," Natalia said as she motioned her head. "Maybe if we leave they'll walk away."

As they closed the distance, they could hear the debate.

"Freedom isn't free," Doris told Blake. "The war was inevitable."

Blake looked shocked and then paused a beat before she asked in a incredulous tone, "A-are you kidding me?" She then looked around them to see no one else standing at the bar. Then she motioned around them. "You don't need to tow the party line here Doris, okay? You can tell us what you really think rather than spouting political rhetoric."

"Why is to so hard for you to believe I'm a republican?"

Blake opened her mouth, but no words came out. All she could do was gesture to Doris with her hands. "You…" was all she could say at first.

Doris looked over at Olivia. "Looks like I made another woman speechless." She then turned back to Blake. "I know it's hard for democrats like yourself to have an opinion and stick to it, but try to form a coherent thought here, okay?"

Blake's eyes narrowed. "Do you even have a soul?" she asked.

"Oh, wow. Okay," Olivia said putting her hand on Blake's shoulder.

Blake simply shrugged her off and continued to face Doris. "I can't believe you actually have faith in a party that was given a surplus of $230 billion but then, not only pissed it away, but left us with trillions of dollars in debt because of a war of convenience and not necessity. So again, I'll ask…are you serious?"

"That's a myth you know," Doris said. "The deficit was almost eliminated in 2000, but it never reached zero--let alone a positive surplus number. In fact, the growing deficits started in the year of the last Clinton budget and not in the first year of the Bush administration."

"That's a lie," Blake replied.

"That's the truth," Doris countered. "Do some research and you'll see what I mean. Or just sit back and listen to the democratic mouthpieces like Olbermann and Maddow fill your head with nonsense."

The cola can that Blake held in her hand began to bend and the liquid fizzled from the top slightly.

"Here, uh, lemme take that from ya," Olivia offered as she tried to pull it from Blake's vice-like grip. She grunted slightly when she managed to get it away from her.

After she rested it on the bar Natalia and Olivia both looked at the can and then each other.

"Oh boy," Natalia muttered softly.

Blake's fists clinched at her side. "Your level of patronizing behavior and shoveling of bullshit is astounding," she told Doris.

"If the media didn't have a liberal bias you'd already know what I'm saying is true," the mayor replied. "The only thing that you're guilty of is not informing yourself. And honestly, that's a shame."

Blake began to wave her hands and turned to Olivia. "I-I can't deal with her anymore. You-you…" Blake took a calming breath. She pulled her purse from the bar and put the strap over her shoulder. "You ladies have a great night," she told them all and swiftly left the restaurant.

"I am soooo sorry," Natalia said to no one in particular.

"Why?" Doris asked. "I had fun." Olivia and Natalia both looked at her with a flabbergasted expression. "What? It's true. I haven't had a good debate like that in…forever. She was better than most. I have to give her that."

"She hates you. You know that, right?" Olivia asked.

Doris shrugged. "Eh, as long as she doesn't spit in my food or drinks at Company I'm good. I don't think she would though. Her opinions are infantile, but overall she's pretty mature."

Olivia chuckled in despondency of the failed evening. "Ya know," she began. "There's a reason politics and religion are two topics friends should ever discuss, which is why I'm not going there, Doris. I'm just not."

"Well," Natalia offered. "I think we better call it a night."

"Excellent idea," Olivia replied. She then turned to Doris. "Sorry things didn't work out as planned."

Doris raised her glass. "Here's to the effort," she added before taking a long drink.

Moments later the pair arrive back at the Beacon. Natalia walked Olivia to her door, hand in hand.

"Well, we certainly didn't make a love connection tonight, did we?" she teased.

"The sparks were flying," Olivia replied. "Just not the kinds we expected. It's a shame actually because they look cute together. You know? Like a couple." Olivia made a round motion with her hands that silently spoke of togetherness.

Natalia reached over and took Olivia's hands in hers. As they stood face to face she could feel the older woman tense up.

"It's your sense of touch that matters most, isn't it?" Olivia didn't answer the rhetorical question. "I know because sometimes I take two steps forward; you take one step back." Natalia moved and Olivia followed suit, proving her point.

"Natalia, I…"

Natalia smiled. "But here's the great part about this dance," she said ignoring anything Olivia might have said. Her tongue lazily licked her top lip and she felt a small amount of pride when she realized how much of Olivia's attention she commanded. "Eventually, as long as I keep moving forward, I'll catch up. And when I do…" She took two more steps, but this time Olivia didn't move. "…when I finally get my hands and lips on you…" Olivia closed her eyes and her breathing became shallow as Natalia came mere inches away from her. "…it's going to be like a dam bursting. You won't escape the flood. And mark my words. You better bring your galoshes, Miss Spencer. You're gonna end up pretty wet."

Natalia could hear Olivia's breath catch in the back of her throat and the Latina smiled.

"Don't worry though," Natalia said and then took a step back. "You're not ready yet… I'll… coax you along…but I won't push."

Helpless – unable to move or speak – Olivia watched as Natalia casually strolled to the elevator and pushed the button. She turned and watched Olivia leaning against the doorway of her suite, her hands clutching the molding for dear life. She gave the hotel owner a short wave and then slipped inside.

"Sweet dreams," she said softly.

Even as the doors were closing Natalia followed Doris's advice to the end, not losing eye contact at all. Once away from Natalia's stare, Olivia released the breath she'd been holding.

"I'm-I'm-I'm not going to survive this," the older woman stuttered.

Inside the elevator, Natalia slumped against one side and put her hand up to her face. She then began to fan herself by pulling her blouse away from her body in a quick and repeating fashion.

"I'm not going to survive this," she muttered. "But it's working. It's working," she told herself. "Just a little bit longer. Hold out a little bit more. She'll…"

The elevator came to a stop suddenly interrupting her thoughts and Natalia looked up to see she was on the third floor. She straightened up as the doors opened and a middle-aged couple boarded. The man pushed the close button and once more the elevator was on its way, until it reached the second floor and a family of four hopped on.

Glad to see business is good, Natalia thought as she moved further back.

After the elevator lift came to a stop again the doors opened and the family and middle-aged couple stepped off as Natalia looked in her purse for her keys. Finding them, she looked up and found Olivia gently pushing her back inside.

Olivia sounded winded. "You know I've run up and down more stairs since you've come home than I have in my entire life?" she asked.

Natalia grinned and looked like she was going to reply, but Olivia forced her back inside the elevator. Her eyes pinned Natalia from attempting any kind of retreat and she cut off any kind of response with a hungry kiss.

Natalia returned it with just as much fervor; burying her fingers into Olivia's hair while her other hand reached down and found purchase against Olivia's hip, drawing her closer. But after a few short kisses and pecks, Natalia pulled back and said, "I said I won't push."

"I didn't," Olivia replied in a hoarse voice. She reclaimed Natalia's lips again and took both of Natalia's hands in hers and trapped them against the elevator wall.

The doors began to close.

Chapter Thirty-Two

Keeping her hands around Natalia's wrist, Olivia pressed the button for her floor. Then she pressed the weight of her body against Natalia's, making escape impossible. The younger woman tried to free her hands to no avail. Olivia was having none of that as she settled their thighs between each other, or at least as much as she could manage from this position due to Natalia's growing stomach.

Olivia couldn't stop kissing Natalia, even if her life depended upon it, and when Natalia raised one leg to snake around her calf, pulling her even closer Olivia worried for a brief moment she might actually end up with a heart attack. The flutter she felt was unlike anything she'd experienced.

"I want you…so much," the hotelier declared as she finally released Natalia and allowed her hands to wander elsewhere around the woman's curves and valleys.

Natalia began panting. The feeling of Olivia's own hands, lips and teeth were overwhelming and it seemed like they were all everywhere at once. She felt lightheaded and she had to use one hand to support herself on the nearby squared molding of the elevator. The other hand was buried in Olivia's hair, egging her on.

"Are you really… gonna take me… in the elevator?" Natalia asked. "Not that I'm complaining," she quickly added. "'cause...." Natalia seemed to lose her train of thought and gave up uttering, "Oh, God…Te quiero," before her lips captured Olivia's mouth.

Olivia whimpered from behind Natalia's lips. She pulled back and trailed her tongue from Natalia's collarbone to her earlobe, stopping at particular areas to nip and suck the exposed flesh.

"I'm gonna take you everywhere in this hotel," she huskily declared in a soft whisper against Natalia's ear.

Natalia's guttural moan reached Olivia's ears and the hotelier found herself making a similar throaty noise in response. Natalia's hand released the molding and reached out, grabbing Olivia's center. This action elicited an even louder and more forceful growl from the older woman. Seconds later, Natalia heard the elevator bell ding and she pulled back, which made Olivia whine in response to the departure of her lips.

"We're here," Natalia replied as she motioned her head slightly to the door.

Olivia seemed almost annoyed by the interruption, but the promise of what lay before them improved her mood. Quickly, she took Natalia by the hand and led her from the elevator. She briskly walked to her door and swiped her pass card. Once the door started to open Olivia pulled Natalia inside and kicked it closed.

In one sweep, Olivia pulled her shirt from her body and resumed her kissing of Natalia's neck. The Latina graciously complied by allowing her head to drop back, giving Olivia even greater access. While taking fists of long black hair in her hands, Olivia licked and sucked the flesh so graciously given to her as she kicked off her shoes at the same time.

She worked Natalia toward the bed and the younger woman lost her balanced when the back of her legs hit the edge of the bed. Tumbling backward, Olivia steadied Natalia's descent as best as she could.

"Are you okay?" Olivia asked concerned, given Natalia's condition.

"Yeah." Natalia smiled. "Soft landing. Besides, I'm tougher than I look."

Olivia smiled in response. "You look beautiful," she complimented.

Natalia looked slightly embarrassed. "Well, I no longer have that 'Olympic volleyball player' body you were so fond of earlier this year."

Olivia grinned blatantly. "Can I see?" she asked playfully as she took two steps closer.

Olivia began to play with the hem of Natalia's shirt. Shyly, the pregnant woman nodded. Eagerly yet gently, Olivia reached out and pulled the material up and over Natalia's head. Once half naked Natalia felt totally exposed. Picking up on her awkwardness, Olivia used one hand to gently push Natalia's back against the bed. Then she leaned over her and used one hand to travel down Natalia's neck, between her bra-clad breasts and over her protruding belly.

Natalia got a look of concern as she watched Olivia tear up. "Having second thoughts?" she asked.

Olivia cleared her throat as she shook her head. "Do you mean it?"

"Mean what?"

"This child is mine." Olivia ran her hand over Natalia's stomach.

Natalia began to smile.

"This child wouldn't be here if not for you. The reason I conceived this child is because I was running from this," she said as she took Olivia's hand and lead it back to cup her face. She planted a tender kiss in Olivia's palm. "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you - all those years I spent longing for Nikky was never as powerful as my desire for you." This time Natalia planted a kiss on the pulse point of Olivia's wrist. "I know for a fact that you ARE my heart's true, and only, desire. I know that for certain now. And I swear to you, and God, I'll spend the rest of my life proving it."

Olivia reached out with a growing smile and caressed Natalia's cheek with the back of her fingertips. The look of adoration though began to shift to one of desire again. She reached down and took Natalia's hand in hers, leading them to the button and the fly of her jeans.

"Show me," was all she said.

Natalia smiled as she took possession of the denim in her hands. She unbuttoned the waistband and slowly lowered the zipper. She then tugged the material past Olivia's hips but before pushing it down Olivia's thighs Natalia stopped and used the garment to pull Olivia closer and kiss her exposed lower stomach, just above her silk panty line.

Natalia inhaled deeply and groaned in arousal.

"This is so new," she said as she looked up at Olivia.

The older woman began to stroke Natalia's hair. "I know. I've never been with a woman either."

"Not that," Natalia answered. "I've just…" Natalia took a deep breath again, but this time she pulled Olivia closer by grabbing her buttock and forcing her forward. "I've never wanted anyone this much – ever. You're so beautiful and you smell divine and…God, just the scent of you makes my mouth water."

Olivia's breath caught at the admission. Of course the feeling of Natalia's fingertips kneading her ass didn't hamper how she was feeling either. Olivia pulled Natalia's head back toward her stomach again and the younger woman began planting delicate kisses there as she worked Olivia out of the jeans. She pushed Olivia back to stand out of them as she herself stood up and removed her pants and panties in one stroke.

"Hey," Olivia complied in mock-anger. "I wanted to take those off."

"Sorry," Natalia replied. "I just want to be naked with you," she said as she unfastened her bra next. Olivia's eyes widened in both surprise and desire. "I'm tired of waiting," Natalia told her. Now completely naked and exposed, she sat back down on the bed as she looked up at Olivia who was still half dressed. Although she was sure of the answer she'd get, she still asked, "Are you going to take me?"

Olivia closed her eyes brief and groaned. When she opened them she could only push one word from her lips.


Chapter Thirty-Three

Olivia placed her one knee between Natalia's legs at the edge of the mattress. Before she could even protest Natalia had the clasp of Olivia's bra off and the older woman's breasts freed in a matter of seconds. Not wasting a moment, Natalia did her best to take one breast in each hand bringing them both into her mouth with a moan of delight.

Olivia's hands shot to Natalia's shoulder, trying to steady herself.

"I'm supposed to be…taking you… remember?" Olivia struggled to say.

Natalia released Olivia's breasts and looked up.

"Let's take each other instead," she said mischievously and licked her lips for emphasis.

Olivia grinned for just a brief moment before her lips collided with Natalia's. She worked her way down until she had Natalia's back to the bed. Taking a place at her side, Olivia continued to explore Natalia's mouth with her own, her lips nipping at the soft flesh repeatedly. After a few moments, Natalia let out a groan and stood up.

Olivia looked startled and then concerned as Natalia stood at the side of the bed. She then watched as Natalia reached for Olivia's hips and pulled the panties completely off. She tossed them over her shoulder and then physically pulled Olivia's bottom to the end of the bed.

Still laying on her back, confused, Olivia asked, "Natalia? Are you all-?"

The question died on her lips when she watched Natalia swiftly move to her knees and felt the woman throw her legs over her shoulders. When Natalia's tongue made contact with her damp lips all coherent thought left Olivia in an instant. One hand gripped the bedspread while the other found it's way to the back of Natalia's head, praising her efforts.

After a few laps, Natalia began to nibble Olivia's inner thigh. In between bites, she softly spoke.

"You taste so sweet," she said as her tongue made a slow, long pass that went deeply between Olivia's lips and over her clit. The older woman could only whimper in response. "I want to devour you," Natalia declared in a husky voice. She then pulled Olivia's pearl into her mouth with a light sucking motion.

"Oh, God," Olivia cried out.

After a few moments and a couple of grunts from Olivia, Natalia asked, "Guess I'm doing things right?"

Olivia could only nod enthusiastically, which made Natalia smile even broader.

"How about this?" the Latina asked before moving on to her next tactic. Using just the tip of her tongue she began to bat at Olivia's clit as fast as she could. After a few moments she sucked the bundle of nervous between her lips again, giving a few light, gentle tugs.

Again, at first all Olivia could do was nod when Natalia glanced up for approval. But finally, Olivia managed to find her words.

"You have no idea how many times I imaged seeing you just like that, between my thighs."

Natalia smiled again for just a moment and then began to lick Olivia again in a long trail that went from her anus to her pubic hair.

"So how's the reality feel?" Natalia asked.

"More than I imagined," Olivia offered in a gravelly voice.

Natalia's hands reached up and began to stroke Olivia's breasts.

"When you're aroused your voice drops, just like when you're angry…It's very sexy…Come on, Baby…" Another long lick accompanied the words. "Talk to me."

Olivia let out a deep laugh and stroked Natalia's hair. "Talk? I'm lucky I can still breath with what you're doing."

"Fine," Natalia relented and placed her hands on Olivia's hips pulling her closer. "I'll just imagine that voice while I feast then."

Without giving Olivia a chance to reply Natalia's mouth dove back down into her lover's center with such fervor that the older woman's hips left the bed, striving to meet her lover's tongue. Olivia's hand shot to the back to Natalia's head, this time holding her in place and leading her to areas that needed extra attention. She began to rotate her hips and buck against Natalia's mouth and although it felt delightful, Olivia wanted more. She began to stop her movements.

"Natalia?" Olivia called down softly and with such uncertainty that Natalia looked surprised. "Will you…?"

"Stop?" Natalia asked nervously, hoping it wasn't so.

Olivia shook her head fiercely. "No! God, no… I just… I wanna feel you inside me."

Natalia smiled and put two fingers into her mouth seductively as Olivia watched.

"You want these?" she asked holding her fingers up.

Olivia nodded enthusiastically.

With great ease she slide them inside the older woman.

"Ohhh, yessss," Olivia hissed and began to grind against the offered hand. When Natalia's lips returned to their ministrations Olivia cried out something incoherently.

Although Natalia didn't understand the words, she understood the meaning.

Olivia was on fire….and she was the cause…

Chapter Thirty-Four

Natalia’s free hand reached up and took Olivia’s from the bedspread. While intertwining their fingers, the younger woman continued to suckle as best she could from Olivia’s sex while her fingers continued to stroke away. Not only could both women feel the intenseness of Olivia’s soaking arousal, her scent filled the room.

But it wasn’t Olivia’s sent alone. Natalia felt an ache deep within herself, and a passion so powerful, that she could feel her inner-thighs growing wetter by the minute. She never imagined that giving pleasure could be so exciting.

And the sounds that Olivia made. Good heavens. She had only two prior lovers in her life and neither was very vocal. Gus said very little and Frank, aside from a few grunts prior to climax, said nothing.

Olivia, however, she was like a fire sucking the oxygen from every surrounding area of the heat. Natalia wasn’t sure if Olivia’s passion was the fact it had been years since she had release with a partner or if this was a regular occurrence.

Either way she loved it and wanted to find a way to make sure it happened every time they were together. Every noise she made was positively thrilling – her sighs; her moans; her words she tried to say yet failed to get out. Of course there were the ones she did manage to say like ‘faster,’ ‘harder,’ and ‘more.’

Olivia quickly shook her hand free from Natalia’s and literally grabbed her lover behind an ear as she buried her fingers in Natalia’s hair. Her other hand shot to Natalia’s wrist holding her fingers in place.

Natalia watched in awe as Olivia’ raised her hips high and she screamed out as much as her name as she could.

"Natalllliiii…" She collapsed and after taking a steadying breath said, "ahhh," both in satisfaction, and a way of finishing her lover’s name.

Natalia found herself breathing hard just from watching Olivia climax.

After a few light kisses that made Olivia literally twitch, Natalia asked coyly, "So, I did okay then?"

Olivia moved to her elbows with a look of wonder.

"No, that totally sucked. Whatever happens, never do THAT again," she said sarcastically.

"I can do better next time," Natalia said playing along.

Olivia laughed as she sat up.

"If you do BETTER, Sweetie, you just might kill me," she added as she helped Natalia get to the bed.

Once upright, the raven-haired woman didn’t stay that way for long. She pulled Olivia down to the bed while they both relaxed in each other’s arms. Natalia rested her head against Olivia’s shoulder as her finger made lazy figure eights on Olivia’s stomach. The Latina cleared her throat.

"Honestly now; no jokes…Is that what you expected?"

"That was more than what I expected," Olivia replied.





"You don’t have to lie-."

Olivia rolled Natalia over as one hand cupped the side of the insecure woman’s face.

"Rather than argue…why don’t I tell you, and show you, how wonderful you make me feel?"

Natalia smiled.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Olivia rolled Natalia completely onto her back. She smiled as her thumb gently caressed her lover's cheek.

"You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen," Olivia complimented quietly. She was rewarded with a dimpled smile that made her smile even broader in return. She then leaned over and kissed each dimple. "And you're right, I think I do have a weakness for dimples…but yours ARE the best."

Natalia giggled. "You're going to make me blush."

"Please do," Olivia teased. "I want to see if you turn red all over or if it's just your face."

Natalia laughed and closed her eyes. "Oh boy."

Olivia looked down and snorted.

"Yep, it's all of you," she said taking in Natalia's reddening body.

Natalia playfully swatted Olivia's arm.

"Stop. You're making it worse."

"I'll kiss it and make it better," Olivia said as she leaned over and kissed Natalia's collarbone. "How's that?"

Natalia pursed her lips. "Ehh, it's a start," she said sounding bored.

Olivia moved to her elbow and looked down at Natalia who now wore a confident smirk.

"You sure are a demanding one," she said playfully.

Natalia swallowed hard. She looked nervous for a split second before confidence and desire overtook her.

"If I was demanding I'd do something like this…" She then clutched Olivia by the back of the head and led the woman's lips straight to her erect right nipple.

Instinctively, Olivia's lips complied and wrapped around the perk point, which constricted even more with just the slightest amount of suction. After a few moments of letting her lips and tongue play, Olivia nipped and sucked her way to Natalia's earlobe.

"I love the way your body reacts to mine," she whispered. Her fingertips began to roll the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Every few seconds she'd release the tip and take the entire mound of Natalia's breast in her hand, giving it a firm, but not violent, squeeze. It was just enough pressure to show the intense desire she had, but tender enough not to hurt her. Then she'd resume her fingertip rolls. Natalia couldn't contain her moan, and in truth, she didn't want to. She wanted Olivia to understand exactly what she was feeling and after a few minutes she began to realize why Olivia was unable to talk to her moments before.

"You like this, don't you?" Olivia asked, her voice heavy with reserved-desire that threatened to break free. All Natalia could do was nod. "Not easy to talk when you're this turned on while someone's touching you, is it?" she teased, as if reading her mind.

Natalia had to chuckle now and she took Olivia's wrist to stop her movements for a moment. "You win, okay? It's harder than it looks."

Olivia reached back for the nipple again that was now the texture of a pebble. "I'd say it's quite hard actually," she retorted as she played with the firm nipple again. That remark earned her another light slap. "Let's see if we can find anything else that's hard."

Olivia reached down between Natalia's legs and without warning ran her fingertips lightly over the woman's engorged clitoris. Natalia arched up into the touch.

"Whadda ya know?" Olivia teased. "I found something else that's hard."

Natalia's eyes closed, but she had a huge smile on her face. Olivia began to gently work the bud, sliding it between her middle and index finger. Natalia's smile fell soon though and her look of amusement was replaced by ardent desire. Her jaw clinched and her body tensed as her hips began to move in time with Olivia's hand and the older woman felt her mouth go dry as she watched her lover start bucking against her. Olivia didn't stop moving her hand at all as she positioned her mouth close to Natalia's ear as possible.

"So you like my voice, huh?" Olivia asked her.

Natalia nodded and managed to strain out, "Love it."

Olivia grinned as her fingers dipped further south, and running between Natalia's soaked lips. Natalia groaned and arched even more.

"Obviously," Olivia began and then ran her tongue along the outside of Natalia's ear, "the more I talk, the wetter you seem to get…but I want you to do something for me, Baby…" Olivia took her hand away and Natalia whimpered a protest.

The dark-haired woman watched helplessly as Olivia moved away and began to kneel next to her. "I want you to relax," Olivia told her.

"You know you're asking the impossible, right? I'm as far from relaxed as I can be now. I'm as taunt as a bowstring here."

"I know," Olivia answered. "So I'm going to help you," she said as she went down and began rubbing Natalia's feet and ankles. "Just relax and let your muscles loosen up. I swear I won't stop until you're satisfied. You have my word," Olivia swore. "The damn hotel could be on FIRE and I promise I won't stop," she emphasized. "Just trust me, okay?"

Natalia focused on Olivia's face and although she saw desire there she also saw love, devotion and a consideration she'd never had with any other lover.

Her heart melted and she nodded.

Chapter Thirty-Six

Natalia lay on the bed, totally naked and exposed. Her knees were bent while her feet lay flat against the bed. At her side was Olivia. The older woman knelt there, looking at Natalia with an adoration neither woman had ever experienced before. Natalia reached out and squeezed the closest part of Olivia’s body – her knee.

"I trust you," Natalia whispered as she answered her question.

Olivia beamed in response and continued her massage of Natalia’s ankles and feet.

"Then close your eyes," Olivia told her. "Just…feel, okay?" Natalia did as Olivia instructed and the older woman was pleased when, after a few minutes, she watched Natalia sink further into the bed. "Good," Olivia told her. "Just enjoy; unwind."

Natalia cleared her throat; her eyes still closed. "This feels wonderful."

"No one’s ever done this for you while you were pregnant, huh?" Olivia asked knowingly.

Natalia moved to her elbows with the realization. "No," she remarked.

Olivia ran a hand up Natalia side, making the woman whimper, before gently pushing her shoulder back down to the mattress.

"Stay loose," Olivia commanded and Natalia complied by lying back down and closing her eyes. "I remember how much my ankles and feet hurt sometimes with Ava and Emma. What I wouldn’t have given for this," she mentioned as she continued to use her fingers and palms to rub the sore muscles and tendons. After a few moments Natalia giggled. "Ticklish?" Olivia asked.

"No, I was just thinking…"


"Is it possible to be relaxed AND turned on at the same time?"

Olivia grinned devilishly. "Yes." She then positioned herself between Natalia’s legs and started to rub her calves, which elicited a moan of relief, and desire, from the pregnant woman.

After a few moments, Natalia giggled again and Olivia smiled.

"Still surprised how good this feels?" Olivia asked affectionately.

"No," Natalia replied. "Not that this doesn’t feel good. It feels wonderful," she amended. Her eyes were still closed as she began to stretch out. "I just can’t believe I waited this long to let you get your hands on me."

Now it was Olivia’s turn to moan.

"Let’s not focus on lost time," Olivia managed to reply. "Let’s just focus on the fact I want my hands on you for the rest of my life. Deal?"

Natalia made an affirmative noise as Olivia’s fingertips and ball of her hand began to rub the top of Natalia’s thighs. When her hands worked their way behind Natalia’s thighs and began to rub, the younger woman naturally raised her hips closer to Olivia, giving the older woman a full view of her sex.

Olivia’s hands didn’t stop moving. In fact, they worked their way behind Natalia’s buttock and began to massage the flesh. Upon seeing the glistening at the apex of Natalia’s legs, Olivia began to salivate and she could feel herself starting to perspire just slightly.

The sounds that Natalia was beginning to make – the light whimpering and breathy sighs – weren’t helping Olivia’s resolve of relaxing Natalia’s muscles. With each passing moment it was becoming a private hell for Olivia. Did she continue to massage her or dive headfirst and taste Natalia’s nectar that was in front of her; teasing her?

When Natalia moaned again and began to stroke Olivia’s arm, the choice was made for her. Olivia’s head disappeared below Natalia’s growing belly and although all Natalia could see was the top of Olivia’s head she could certainly feel her lover’s tongue. She cried out and took possession of the back of Olivia’s head, grabbing a fist full of hair. Olivia quickly pulled away.

"I’m sorry," Natalia apologized, letting her go. "Did I hurt you?"

"Not at all," Olivia replied. "And sometimes a little pain is a good thing," she said coyly. "You were just getting too tense again. Just relax, Sweetie. Let it all build higher and higher. You’ll have a more powerful organism that way. I promise." Natalia looked away shyly. "You don’t believe me?" Olivia replied.

"It’s not that. I just…Don’t laugh at me, but I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm."

Olivia began to grin.

"I said don’t laugh at me," Natalia repeated growing insecure.

"Oh, Baby, I’m not," Olivia promised the smile now gone. "Honestly, I’m not. And the truth is I thought that might be a possibility. You’ve always been a good Catholic girl and Catholic girls aren’t supposed to… explore, are they? Not with other people or even themselves? Am I right?" Natalia closed her eyes in frustration and nodded. "Shhh," Olivia said shushing away her irritation.

Natalia opened her eyes and faced Olivia again. "How am I supposed to let you know what I like if I don’t even know?" Natalia asked.

"Let’s find out together," Olivia replied in a sexy tenor, her voice dropping again. "I’m game if you are."

Chapter Thirty-Seven

Olivia lay down beside Natalia and rested her temple on her fist as she looked at the naked woman beside her. Her other hand lazily caressed the growing baby bump of Natalia's stomach.

"Let's call this Sex Tips 101," Olivia said, which made Natalia chuckled.

"I think I might need the 100 course first," Natalia replied.

"Honey, you're pregnant. You're already a mom. AND you made me climax tonight – you're not THAT much of a novice," Olivia countered.

Natalia barked out a laugh and reached out and stroked Olivia's face.

"Do me a favor?" she asked softly.

"Anything." There was no hiding the affection in Olivia's voice.

Natalia smiled even wider as her fingers continued to glide across Olivia's face. She turned slightly to face her more fully.

"Even if there are times I act like I don't enjoy your jokes, just remember I do."

"I know you do," Olivia replied. "That's why I don't stop telling them, even if you don't laugh."

"You do make me laugh, you do, and although I've always tried to stay positive, the real truth is… I haven't laughed very much in my life – not until you anyway. So, promise me, okay? Even if I complain, realize I enjoy every smile you've given me and I've even enjoyed a few scowls you've induced."

Olivia's wander hand took purchase of Natalia's face.

"I live to make you smile," Olivia said with a grin, but slowly she began to frown "That's why the leaving…that's why it was so hard for me when you just left…I've never loved anyone as much as you and, believe me, I've fallen head over heels before in my life – and always with the wrong person it seemed. I thought this time was different and then when you went..." Olivia shook her head. "I'm sorry. We're lying naked in bed. Now's not the time to get into this."

"Anytime you want to discuss it is the 'right time,'" Natalia replied. "I'm never going to have a grand gesture that will take that pain away. I see that now. The only thing that's going to help us is if you keep talking and I keep listening or showing you how much you mean."

Olivia began to grin. "And mind blowing sex… that, uh… that helps."

Natalia and Olivia both began to chuckle.

"Well, I don't think it hurt…did it?" Natalia replied. Then she paused a few beats and asked, "Not physically, but emotionally…I mean… are you okay?"

Olivia smiled and then nodded.

"Yeah, I am. In fact, I don't think too many gestures are grander than sharing your body or bringing someone pleasure."

Natalia sat up quickly. "I don't want you to think I did this to manipulate your feelings, Oliv-."

Olivia rose to meet her and put a finger over her lips silencing her. "I know you didn't. And I didn't bring you here with the intent that you prove anything to me. I brought you back here for two simple reasons. One – I love you and always will. And two…you turn me on to no end. Case closed."

Natalia smiled.

"Feeling's mutual," she replied. "I want you for the rest of my life, so thank you for giving me this chance. And even though I know you're not capable of believing it right now …you won't regret it."

"Well, how about we work on building that trust a bit more, hmm? After all, I made a promise, remember?" Olivia asked with an alluring timbre in her voice.

"You can do whatever you want to me," Natalia offered as she stroked Olivia's arm.

Olivia took a ragged breath at the thought of anything. In fact, over a thousand scenarios seemed to enter her mind at once, but she shook off the overwhelming urge to devour her then and there. Instead, she simply gave a short nod.

"Three ground rules. First rule – if you climax tonight that's wonderful and if you don't, that's wonderful too – just as long as you learn one new thing that you enjoy. Just one - that's all I ask. Agreed?" Natalia nodded. "Two, if I do anything that scares or hurts you, you'll tell me. Okay?" Again, Natalia nodded. "And three…don't forget to breathe." Natalia looked confused. "Sounds crazy, huh? When people become sexually excited or they think they're near climax they usually hold their breath. That's bad because if you take breaths then it keeps oxygen in your system and your reaction is even stronger."

Natalia giggled. "You really DO know a lot about sex."

Olivia nodded and then leaned down and gently kissed the area between Natalia's cheek and earlobe.

"Yes, I do, Sweetie. And I'm going to share everything I know with you. Not tonight of course, - after all we have jobs, children, et cetera... but… we'll get there – just like we always do."

"Well, I know one thing you do that I really enjoy," Natalia told her.

"Mmm, what's that, Baby?"

Natalia reached and pulled Olivia's face closer to her. "This," she said as she kissed her slowly and sensuously, exploring each other's mouths for a few minutes. "God, you're a fantastic kisser," she complimented, their breath intermingling.

Olivia grabbed a fist full of Natalia's hair and began to kiss her pulse point at her neck.

"Confession time?" Olivia asked. Not waiting for an answer she said, "You are the best kisser I've ever known. And I'm not just saying that to build your confidence or ego. You truly are."

Natalia watched as Olivia pulled back to lean directly over her face. The pair stared into each other's eyes for a long moment.

"And this too," Natalia replied. "I like this when you lock eyes with me so intensely. I see all the love and devote you have and it…"


"It makes me want to do this," Natalia said as she rose up and captured Olivia's lips with hers. Her hand grabbed the back of Olivia's head gently, and with relative ease she rolled the older woman to her back. As she was partially lying on top of her, Natalia began devouring her mouth. After a few moans, Olivia captured Natalia's face in her hands and rolled her to her back once more so she was on top again.

"I'm in charge now, remember?" Olivia asked looking down at her. "You had your fun – now it's my turn."

"I can't help it," Natalia giggled. "You make me wanna…"

"Fuck?" Olivia asked bluntly.

The smile Natalia wore fell and the look of sheer longing now stood in its place. She nodded.

"Yeah," she said softly, yet ardently, as she licked her lips. "You make me wanna fuck." Natalia began to grin. "I liked that too," she admitted after a moment.

"What?" Olivia asked.

"I like it when you talk dirty, but I like it when I talk dirty too."

A devious smile washed over Olivia's face.

"Ohhh, realllly. Well then…what would you like me to do Natalia? Tell me."

Natalia bit her lip for a moment and in a timid voice she said, "Fuck me."

Olivia looked around the room for a moment. "We're all alone…Say it louder."

Natalia grinned and in a louder voice she said, "Fuck me."

"Oh, baby. I've heard you bitch me out lots of times. You've ordered me around night and day. Say it like you mean it."

Natalia's eyes became hooded with desire and she grabbed Olivia by the back of the head. Her breathing became shallow.

"You're making me so wet," she confessed, her voice dropping an octave in her growing desire.

"Then say it," Olivia taunted playfully.

Natalia took a deep breath and tightened her hold on her lover's hair, pulling her closer. She began to lick and suck the older woman's exposed neck.

"Olivia Spencer," Natalia announced in a confident and wanton voice, "Fuck me."

Olivia smiled for only a few moments. She pulled away and placed her body on all fours over Natalia. She leaned her torso forward so her lips could capture Natalia's breasts. The position left her derrière exposed. Seizing the opportunity, Natalia reached up and grabbed the woman by her ass and squeezed, digging her fingernails in just slightly.

Olivia suddenly threw her head back and groaned, "God, nails."

"Sorry," Natalia quickly apologized.

"No, no," Olivia corrected her quickly. "Don't stop. Doris was right. It feels…oh god, yeah."

Olivia immediately returned to worshiping Natalia's breasts with the lips, teeth and tongue. With desire and a renewed confidence, Natalia grabbed Olivia's buttocks again and each time Olivia did something that she enjoyed, Natalia would dig her nails into Olivia's flesh, just somewhat, to show her satisfaction without words.

Olivia's lips began to pluck at the taunt nipple and Natalia groaned, "Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot."

Olivia rose up so she could look down at Natalia. She took the younger woman's hands in hers and placed them over Natalia's own breasts. The younger woman looked confused at first.

"It's okay to touch yourself," Olivia told her. "I want you to explore yourself just as much as you wanted to explore me."

Natalia wasn't moving so Olivia placed her hands over Natalia's to give the woman greater confidence. After a few moments of gliding Natalia's hands Olivia let go and watched as Natalia began to pitch and squeeze her own breasts. Olivia stayed straddled over Natalia's hips, just south of the growing baby bump. She too began to play with her own breasts.

"Here," Olivia said as she took own breast in her hand and raised it to her own mouth. She began to suck on the harden nipple and she heard Natalia's breath catch and hold.

"Remember rule three," Olivia said release her own breast from her mouth. "Breathe."

Natalia took a deep breath and watched as Olivia motioned her head toward Natalia to try what she just did. Although a bit nervous, Natalia licked her lips quickly and then pulled her breast toward her face and her lips snagged the nipple into her mouth. She gave a brief suck and then moaned at the contact.

Olivia began to sway and she could feel a brand-new wetness flood her center at the sight of Natalia explore, and enjoying, her own body.

"God, you look so fucking sexy right now," Olivia managed to mutter.

Natalia grinned and released her breast.

"Turnabout's fair play," she said as she glanced around the room. "We're all alone. Say it louder."

Natalia became the tease. She then took her own breast back into her mouth, almost as if taunting Olivia with the fact she had the nipple instead of her. Plus, this time she arched her back and she groaned.

Upon seeing the wanton display of her lover starting to please herself again, Olivia found herself falling forward on her palms so she was inches away from Natalia's lips that were devouring her own breast.

"You look so fucking sexy right now," Olivia repeated in a firm, louder and more demanding voice.

This time she leaned over and both of their tongues fought for control over which one would get to worship Natalia's breast. Suddenly the younger woman gave up and grabbed Olivia by the back of the head and she said, "I need…I…I'm not sure, Olivia…I'm just… I'm on fire."

Olivia reached down and without build up or warning, she ran her fingers across Natalia's drenched sex. The younger woman's hips rose to meet her hand. The older woman then looked down with a sense of wide-eyed wonder.

"You are so incredibly wet right now," she remarked. "That's just…that is so absolutely hot, Baby."

Natalia began to physical pant. "Do what I did," she ordered but then said, "Please…" as an after though

Olivia smiled devilishly.

"Please what?" she ribbed as she began to lick her fingers that were covered in Natalia's arousal.

After a deep moan of yearning, Natalia firmly, yet gently, pushed on Olivia's shoulders, guiding her down to her soaked sex.

"Your mouth. On me. Right now."

That's all she had to say. Olivia never moved so quickly to get between anyone else's legs in her life.

Chapter Thirty-Eight

Divine. It's the only word that Olivia could use to describe how Natalia's arousal tasted. She was musky and sweet and slippery and…her scent… that was just incredible. Taking her own advice, Olivia continued breathing too, inhaling the smell of Natalia's passion.

Natalia's passion for her – just her; no one else.

As Olivia worked her hands under Natalia's bottom and her mouth laid claim to the younger woman's center, she knew at that moment, without any doubt…Natalia was hers. Whether she would stick around though was another matter. Olivia quickly pushed her insecurity aside and instead focused on the here and now.

And right here Natalia was spreading her legs wider, pulling her closer, allowing her to explore her intimately in a way few people, if anyone ever had. And now she had Natalia and she didn't want to let go…ever.

But Olivia wasn't greedy in her quest to take in Natalia - not at all. She was quite meticulous about where and how she used her tongue. She first ran it through Natalia's folds, licking up the wetness that had gathered there. She found, however, that the woman offered an endless stream of ardor between her legs. So no matter how much she consumed her, Natalia was like a fresh spring that never grew dry. And aside from tasting Natalia, Olivia also enjoyed teasing her and hearing the small whimpers come each time she'd let her tongue tickle Natalia's clitoris, ever so slightly, without making full contact.

Natalia, for her part, had never experienced anything quite like this. While it's true she herself had just captured Olivia with her mouth in such a way that evening, she'd never experience such satisfaction herself. Gus had tried once to bring her oral pleasure, but nothing compared to what Olivia was instilling within her now.

For years the church had told her this act alone – genders aside – was a dirty and a sinful act. It had nothing to do with procreation and everything to do with lust, desire and sexual greed. Natalia had questioned much of her church's teachings in the last few weeks, but right now this rule was definitely not one open to debate in her eyes. She knew as she felt Olivia lapping at her center and making her own sounds of satisfaction that there was nothing dirty about what was happening at all. It was a loving, intimate act that spoke volumes to their dedication and amour for each other. But in the end none of that was what mattered most. The bottom line was simple…

It felt fucking fantastic, so much so that Natalia uncontrollably vocalized it.

"Fuck," she sighed, making Olivia whimper since her mouth was otherwise occupied. But as wonderful as it was feeling, Natalia wanted more. Unseen by her, Olivia was already putting her fingers in her own mouth getting them wet. Natalia began to ask, "Will you-?" but didn't say more because Olivia was already pushing three fingers into her with ease; filling her. "…do that," Natalia finished with a grin, satisfied in the fact that Olivia had read her body before she even had.

Olivia kept her fingers buried in her lover, but she moved to rest her elbow so she could look up at Natalia. She began to move in a slow, but rhythmic fashion, sliding deep inside, but she stopped just shy of fully coming out. With each thrust she allowed her thumb to tickle Natalia's clit, just slightly.

"How about this?" Olivia asked, her voice deep; smoky. "Do you like me filling you?"

Natalia reached down and continuously pushed Olivia's hair behind her ear in affection. She nodded, but said, "I like that thumb more I think."

Olivia grinned wickedly.

She pushed deep inside Natalia, but this time instead of recoiling or teasing, she let her thumb brush back and forth over Natalia's clit repeatedly. Olivia watched in delight as Natalia raised her ass off the bed and bared down on her hand even more, striving for more contact. At that point, Olivia stopped moving altogether and she just watched in wonder and desire as Natalia began to ride against her hand with abandon.

The younger woman couldn't describe how incredible it felt to be taken and possessed by this woman. How many times did she watch Olivia typing, writing notes…hell, buttering a slice of bread…and wish she had those fingers on her; in her; possessing her? The fantasy of it paled in utter comparison to what she was feeling now.

Natalia's breaths were coming in short pants, but she was still breathing. She figured if she stopped and held her breath that Olivia might take her hand away, and at this moment, she didn't want to stop for anything. Let the hotel burn down. Let Frank, Rafe and half of Springfield open that door. She didn't give a damn. She wasn't about to stop for anyone or anything. It felt too wonderful; it felt…


That's how Natalia would describe it – blissful; heavenly. She felt like God had giving her a gift for her and her alone. That gift was Olivia Spencer and she had every intention of enjoying it to the fullest – the rest of the world be damned.

She couldn't believe how energized she felt or how the feeling of desire just kept rising higher and higher. Just when she thought she'd reached the pinnacle she'd find her exhilaration climb even higher. It was then that she felt a clinching deep within her. It was so powerful, and unlike anything she'd ever felt physically.

Olivia was watching Natalia intensely and saw how the look of utter arousal turned into one of wide-eyed wonder and…fear?… Something was amiss – she could tell, but before she could ask Natalia spoke.

"Okay," she said taking hold of Olivia's hand. "Maybe, we oughta…I don't know. Slow down?" she suggested.

Olivia gently slid her hand from Natalia's center and moved to lie next to her side. Both women were still breathing hard.

"Did I scare you, Natalia? I told you to be honest with me."

"I never…It was like I felt this fluttering I never felt and there was this tightening and…That's never happened," she tried to explain. "I'm saying this all wrong, aren't I?"

Olivia buried her face into Natalia's neck and began to plant affectionate kisses. She did it for two reasons. She wanted to feel physically closer to Natalia while showing her affection, but she also wanted to hide her growing smile. She didn't want Natalia to feel self-conscious about her lack of sexual experience.

"Would you like to know what that feeling was, Sweetie?" Olivia replied. She still didn't look up. She could feel Natalia nodding against her head. "It's the onset of an orgasm. You know it's been years since I had my first one, but to be honest, the first time it happened to me…it worried me a little too." Olivia then rose up, the smile gone from her face. "It felt wonderful, but it felt scary at the same time," she remembered.

Natalia saw Olivia's adoration reflected back at her.

"Really?" she asked. "You're not making that up to make me feel better, are you?"

Olivia shook her head. "No," she replied. "I was alone in my room and…let's just say I found all the right moves – like you did tonight, by the way," she complimented, making Natalia smiled. "And the first time it began to happen I thought, 'Whoa! What's this?' but when I kept going; kept moving past that first…shock…then…oh wow." Olivia finished with a chuckle.

She sat up next to Natalia and said, "We've got two choices, Sweetie. We can spend the rest of the night here, just snuggling side-by-side. We didn't find just one thing you like, but quite a few, so I'm happy. I think you're happy too, right?" Natalia nodded. "Good, so we can call it a night if you like or…or we try to move beyond that initial fear of the unknown and…hopefully you'll have a little 'oh wow' of your own tonight…It's totally up to you."

Natalia smiled. "What do you think the answer is?"

"I don't know," Olivia replied honestly. "I know what I'D like," she replied with a sexy grin, "But whatever you desire…that's what we'll do 'cause either way, I'm already over the moon tonight."

Natalia bit her lip as if really considering the choice. If Olivia could have seen into her mind she would know what Natalia was really taking into account was how she managed to find an excellent lover, but also one that truly cared about her well being, and not just exploiting the desire she instilled. She knew that Gus really cared, as did Frank, but in the end...it was about them coming. This time... this time was different. This time everything felt...right.

The choice was made in a matter of seconds, but Natalia still looked anxious.

"Can you…stay right here - next to me," she asked shyly, "…while you touch me, I mean? I want you close to me. I want to see you."

Olivia beamed.

"Whatever you desire," she repeated.

Chapter Thirty-Nine

Natalia gently took Olivia's wrist and led the woman's hand back to the apex of her legs.

Olivia, for her part, came to lie beside Natalia. She propped one leg over Natalia so her own center rested against her lover's hipbone. She shuddered at the contact, but this wasn't about her desire and want.

This is about Natalia. There'll be plenty of other nights for my fun, she decided silently. Still, the contact was delightful – she had to admit that much. Plus, she was certain that once Natalia got back into the spirit of things those hips would begin to move and that thought created a new wetness that she was sure Natalia could feel.

Natalia reached over and began to caress Olivia's shoulder and arm that was now connected to her center. Olivia gently and lovingly touched her; teased her folds before focusing on the bundle of nerves at the top.

It was beautiful to feel Olivia's fingertips shimmering across her sex, but Natalia wanted more; much more. She suddenly got greedy for that feeling again – those glorious butterflies that her insecurity scared away moments before. So reaching down she took a hold of Olivia's hand and pushed down slightly, putting more pressure on her clit as her body rose up.

Soon the pair began a rhythmic dance and when Natalia's hips began to move, just as Olivia suspected, she could feel Natalia's flesh rubbing against her sex, moving back and forth, taking her to a greater height of arousal.

"Oh, god," Olivia moaned, unable to contain her excitement.

"You're so wet," Natalia told her.

"You can feel that?" Olivia asked.

"How could I not," Natalia panted. "You're soaked again."

Olivia grinned. "It's you. You know that, right?" she asked and then bore her hand down just a little bit more and picked up the pace. "It's all for you."

Natalia didn't reply. She arched her back as she took a fist full of the comforter in her hand. Olivia took the opportunity of Natalia's raised back to work herself closer. She slide her arm under her lover so she practically cradled the woman – her forearm diagonal against Natalia's back and her fingertips clutching the back of Natalia's left shoulder.

Olivia's breath was hot against Natalia's ear and neck. "You're the sexist thing that God put on this planet. And you're mine. All mine. No one will ever have you like this again. No one."

Natalia grew even wetter at the possessive tone to Olivia's voice at the words 'mine' and 'no one.' She didn't mind at all because it was the truth – she was Olivia's…completely…mind, soul and now body. And there wasn't anyone in the world she wanted more. If she were being totally truthful there had never been anyone who had captured her so fully and completely than Olivia.

Natalia turned and locked eyes with Olivia to try to tell her as much. She opened her mouth to speak, but words were failing her at the moment. All she felt was sensation. She did manage to nod intensely though to show how captivated by Olivia she was and how much she enjoyed the thought. A few moments later her breath was coming now in shorter and shorter gasps, with both woman striving even harder against each other.

"Oh God," Natalia muttered as the butterflies began to return again.

Olivia grinned, this time recognizing what was happening within her lover. She was at a crossroads – should she let sense of touch alone rule the situation or should she try to include as many other senses as possible? She decided in a split second that she'd let two senses rule over all the others – Natalia's sense of touch and sense of sound.

"You feel it don't you, Baby?" Olivia began, not expecting an answer yet remembering how much Natalia wanted to hear her voice earlier. She didn't hesitating her hand movements in the slightest as she spoke. "Don't worry, okay? Just enjoy it. I've got you, Sweetheart. I've got you. You're safe with me."

As the feeling began to double in intensity, Natalia's mouth fell open and she ground her hips into Olivia even more until her sex was practically smacking against Olivia's hand. The velocity was so intense that both women could hear the wet slapping of flesh against flesh. Of course, Natalia's movements only intensified what Olivia was feeling against Natalia's hip.

Olivia chuckled just slightly. "God, Baby, you're gonna make me come again just watching you," she told her in delight. "Fuck yeah!" she exclaimed as she watched Natalia pick up her pace even more. The comment forced a deep groan from Natalia's throat. "You're so close now," Olivia told her. "A little more. A little more."

"Please don't stop," Natalia begged as if her life depended on it.

Olivia leaned over, her lips assaulting Natalia's neck. The suction was so fierce she was sure it would leave a purple mark for the world to see, but she didn't care. In fact, she wanted the world to see that Natalia was branded by the passion she had for her. She wanted to walk into Company and let every goddamn Cooper get a good look at her neck and know that'd Natalia'd been fucked – and fucked good by someone who knew how. Frank might not be able to make her come, but I will goddamn it. And she won't run from me. Oh, no. I'll have her begging me every night to take her.

The thought made Olivia growl out loud, "Nothing's gonna stop me, Baby, except you."

Olivia watched Natalia's teeth clinch slightly.

"Ohmy, ohmy, ohmy," Natalia began to pant over and over.

"Oh yeah, that's it," Olivia told her as she moved back again to look at Natalia. "That's it, Baby. Feel it. Feel me fucking you, Sweetheart. I swear I'll love you forever Natalia. Forever, Baby. Come on. That's it. Come for me Sweetheart. I wanna hear you come."

Natalia's eyes widened and her mouth opened even more. But then she began to hold her breath.

"Breathe, Honey," Olivia said gently. "Breathe and soak it in. Feel it all over!"

Natalia inhaled deeply and as she began to blow it out her release hit her unlike anything she'd ever felt.

"Aaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhh," Natalia cried out as she bucked even more wildly against Olivia's hand.

Olivia was certain that the only time she might have smiled larger was when she saw Emma for the first time. Watching Natalia climax was... the closest she'd ever gotten to heaven and true joy. She knew, no matter what, she'd never forget it.

Even as the orgasmic contractions were still happening deep within her, Natalia took Olivia's smiling face in both her hands giving her a firm, passionate kiss. She still moaned and groaned her approval from behind their lips.

And true to her word Olivia didn't stop moving her hand until Natalia reached down and brought the hand to her lips, kissing the fingers with complete reverence and joy. Natalia closed her eyes as if trying to savor the taste of every bit of the heat they created together. She offered Olivia her hand, letting her have a taste too and they both began to suck on Olivia's fingers together, making both of them moan simultaneously.

Natalia smiled softly, and confessed, "That was the hottest thing I've ever experienced in my life." She began to shake her head in disbelief.

"What is it?" Olivia asked.

"You," she said incredulously. "You were willing to give up THAT to be with me? Really?" Olivia grinned and then nodded, not adding more. "You…you truly love me because…wow…"

"See?" Olivia pointed. "I told you, didn't I? Wow, huh?"

"I get it. I really get it. This is why sex is such a big fucking deal!" Natalia said excited.

Olivia laughed at the profane outburst and pulled Natalia closer to her.

"Glad I could shine the light on that fact."

Natalia rose up and kissed Olivia again with renewed passion.

"I wanna make you feel that way again," she told her and rolled Olivia on her back before she could protest. "I wanna make you climax again."

Natalia's hands were on Olivia everywhere at once now and the hotelier felt the onslaught of uncontrolled kisses. She was elated at the attention, but also terribly amused while being aroused. It was an odd, yet fun, sensation.

"Have I created a monster?" Olivia asked once Natalia's lips began to focus on her neck.

Natalia pulled back and pinned Olivia to the bed momentarily.

"We are going to do this first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Heck, I might work in a few lunches at the Beacon too."

Olivia wiggled free and put her hands on Natalia's shoulders. She pushed her back slightly, but she gave her a light squeeze of reassurance too.

"I'm never gonna sleep again, am I?"

"Not on your life," Natalia answered and pulled the chuckling Olivia into another kiss.

Chapter Forty

Doris saw the sign out front of Company that said ‘closed’ and she looked at her watch. It was 6:45 in the morning, but she tried the doorknob anyway. To her surprise, it turned so she walked inside.

The only light on was in the rear of the kitchen and she called out, "Anyone here?"

A few moments later, Blake rounded the corner and her eyes immediately rolled upon seeing Doris.

"We’re not open yet," she told the mayor.

"Yes. That’s what the sign says. I have to go in earlier than usual today and the coffee there tastes like motor oil even first thing in the morning." Blake just looked at Doris. "And if it’s not too much trouble can you not spit in it? That’d be great, thanks."

Without getting the approval she would be served, Doris took a seat at the bar and began to get her sugar and cream in order.

"Tell me why you’re really here," Blake said as reached for a to-go cup.

"You make the best coffee in Springfield, and no, I’m not pandering to the voters."

"Doris," Blake sighed and shook her head. "I would never vote for you – ever. You are against everything I stand for. We have absolutely nothing in common."

Doris looked Blake in the eyes and smiled. "We’re both hot."

The empty cup Blake was holding fell from her grasp and she bent over to pick it up. When she did, she accidentally hit her head on the bar.

Doris giggled. "Are you okay?"

"Glad my pain is amusing you," Blake said holding her head as she picked up the cup.

"You didn’t hit it that hard. Move your hand," Doris said as she walked around the counter. She stood up slightly taller and inspected the area of Blake’s injury. "It’s not even red. You’re fine."

Blake grinned slightly. "Now if I had universal heath insurance I could find out for sure, huh? But since I don’t, I’ll just have to hope it’s nothing more serious."

Doris sighed heavily. "Yes, that’s just what this country needs – to become socialists and spend trillions on a Marxist medical program."

"It’d be a lot better than the trillions we’re handing war profiteers who are helping us ‘spread democracy’ around the globe in pointless wars."

Doris took a defensive stance with her hands on her hips as she spoke.

"You know, socialized medicine-?"

"Single payer insurance," Blake interrupted.

"Socialized medicine," Doris insisted.

Blake took a step closer. "Single payer insurance."

"Socialized medicine," Doris gritted through her teeth.

"Single. Payer. Insurance." Blake stressed each word.

Doris closed her eyes for a moment. "Whatever you call it, it shouldn’t be the responsibility of the government."

"Oh so people should just fend for themselves when it comes to health matters, is that it?"

"There are many options available today, yes," Doris replied.

"So it’s socialist to make sure that all people are treated when they’re ill?"

"Yes, it is!" Doris insisted.

"But it’s not socialism," Blake went on, "to build and fund schools for the public? And it’s not socialism to offer a place where those now-literate people to check out a book or a DVD to further their education? And it’s not socialism to write a letter to my dear Aunt Mary in Michawaka and have someone else deliver it?"

"I see what you’re trying to get at, but-."

Blake didn’t stop her argument. She simply talked over Doris saying, "However, IT IS socialism to ensure that me, the teacher, the librarian and my dear Aunt Mary are healthy by offering medical coverage? Are you fucking kidding me? Who the hell do you right-wing, narrow-minded, heart-less, soul-less-?"

One of Doris’s hands cupped Blake’s face while the other grabbed her hip on the opposite side. Doris pulled Blake into her and both women shook slightly at the impact. Doris pulled Blake so near to her that their foreheads rested against each other as she spoke.

"I love watching you rant," Doris complimented in a hoarse voice.

Blake nervously licked her lips. "Let me go," she said softly. Her actions betrayed her words though as her fingers began to clutch to Doris’s silk blouse, pulling her closer.

Doris took a deep breath, inhaling Blake’s perfume and scent. "I would," she eventually replied, "…but I don’t think you want me to… Do you?"

When Blake didn’t answer after five seconds, Doris raised her head so they could come eye-to-eye with each other.

Simultaneously, their lips came crashing together and they began to find each other’s mouths passionately and repeatedly.

Chapter Forty-One

Doris sat at the booth at Company as Olivia walked over to her. The lunchtime crowd was light compared to most days. The hotelier smiled broadly, but didn't say a word as she sat next to the mayor. The smile became infectious and Doris began to grin as well.

"From the look of things I'd say it was a good night?" Doris asked.

"I have never…ever…" Olivia was at a loss for words.

"Ahhh, yes. That first time," Doris said. "It's been awhile, but I remember it well."

"She is just…And we're just…It was just…"

"Speechless?" Doris asked. Olivia opened her mouth, but, try as she might, she couldn't force any words from her lips. "So I take it you two really do… work?"

Olivia nodded. "Oh my goodness, yes. And you know what they say about Catholic girls? It's all true." Doris and Olivia both giggled like sophomoric teenagers. "But I am sorry that things didn't work out with you and…"

Olivia motioned toward the bar where Blake was getting drinks together for a table. Doris grinned and seemed to be watching every move Blake made in silent appreciation. The gesture didn't go unnoticed by Olivia.

"No way! When?" the hotelier asked. "She left the restaurant last night mad as hell."

"And she was just as pissed this morning after we got into the health care debate here at Company."

"You slept with Blake here?" Olivia asked as she pointed downward.

"First, there was no sleeping. We had sex. And two, not here. It was in the kitchen."

"I didn't mean at this table," Olivia replied annoyed. "So you and Blake, huh? You guys are a couple?"

"Oh hell, no!" Doris laughed quietly.

"Why not?"

"Oh, please. We're not dating; we just had sex. I'm not picking out china patterns with her, unlike you and Natalia. Or should I say picking out baby names?" Doris paused in thought and held up a finger so Olivia wouldn't interrupt. "You know you did everything backwards, right? You lived together. Then decided to fall in love. Then decided to have sex, but then you didn't because Natalia wigged out. Then you found out you're having a baby. Then you finally did have sex and now you're…What exactly are you two? Are you ever going to live with her again? Or would raising your children together in the same house just be too normal for you?"

"You're such a smart ass," Olivia chuckled.

Doris laughed slightly too. "That's true, I am… but answer the question."

"I don't know and might I add, for someone who got laid today you're awful grumpy," Olivia replied.

"Grump aside, tell me. Did you guys decide anything?"

"She hasn't asked and I'm not going to push. I'm just basking in the glow of the most incredible sex I've ever had…and I mean ever."

"I can't argue with that," Doris answered and raised her mug, taking a drink.

Blake came over to the table with a carafe of water.

"Need a refill?" she asked. Doris nodded and said thanks.

As Blake filled her glass she looked over and noticed Olivia's happy expression.

"You seem mighty chipper this morning," she commented.

"So do you," Olivia replied.

"Well if I didn't know any better I'd say someone got lucky," Blake teased playfully.

"And I could say the same," Olivia retorted.

Blake blushed and seemed relived when Buzz called out an order at the pick up window. She scurried away, but waved to Natalia who had just entered. Olivia admired Natalia from afar as Buzz walk toward her lover.

"You are soooo smitten," Doris chuckled as she watched Olivia admiring Natalia. "It's cute actually."

"Huh?" Olivia asked turning toward Doris. "Did you say something?"

Doris just smiled. "Nothing," she said and watched as Olivia turned her head to gaze at her lover again.

Up at the bar Buzz came over and gave Natalia a hug.

"How's the momma doin' this afternoon? Can I get ya something? Pickles and ice cream? Sardines and chocolate?" Natalia made a disgusted face. "That was one of Nadine's favorites when she was carrying Frank, which probably explains why Frank's the way he is."

Natalia swatted playfully at Buzz's arm to admonish him.

"Be nice," she warned him.

Buzz smiled but then leaned over, looking at Natalia's neck and the bruised purple skin.

"Have a run in with vampire last night?" he asked.

At first she didn't know what he meant, but then she remembered the hickey she found on her neck when she looked in the mirror of Olivia's suite. She quickly brought her hair back over her shoulder to conceal it as she blushed.

"I'd ask how you got that, or rather who gave that to you, but I know. We all know."

"I figured Frank had told you by now."

"No, actually he didn't. I figured it out on my own. Hell, to be honest I had my doubts at the engagement party."


"You couldn't take our eyes off of Olivia and she was knocking back that Champaign like a thirsty nomad who just found an oasis."

"You never said anything?" Natalia asked.

Buzz shrugged his shoulders. "What's to say? I did find you were a little 'off' about the whole wedding and even suggested to Frank that maybe he should take a little more time, but…"

"But what?" Natalia asked.

"Look," Buzz said putting his hands up. "I said too much, okay?"

"No, not okay. You knew that Olivia and I were in love, didn't you? You knew before we even knew it."

"I've seen Olivia in love," Buzz told her. "I know the look. And I know she adored you. I just didn't know if it was mutual." He grinned and pointed at her neck. "And obviously it is," he added.

Again, Natalia blushed feeling self-conscious. Buzz looked over and saw Olivia sitting with Doris. He motioned with his hand.

"And there's Dracula herself," he announced in a loud voice. Natalia looked over and immediately smiled. "Go grab a seat, Honey. I'll bring you a grilled cheese, how's that?"

"Thanks," she said before she made her way over to Olivia.

Olivia motioned to her lap and Natalia hesitated.

"I don't want to hurt you," she replied. "I'm a lot bigger than I used to be."

"I wouldn't know. I've never had you sit on me before. Come on," Olivia insisted. "Sitting next to me is too far away."

"Oh god, I'm gonna be sick from all the saccharine at this table," Doris sighed.

"Just because you failed to make a love connection last night is not our fault," Natalia countered.

"She actually made a connection this morning," Olivia offered as Doris wiggled her eyebrows.

"With who?" Natalia asked.

"Blake," Olivia whispered the name in her ear.

Natalia said nothing at first and then said, "Give me a break. You're making that up."

Doris shook her head and said, "Nope." Natalia looked to Olivia for confirmation and she nodded too as Doris continued by saying, "I came for coffee…Then she and I came."

Olivia giggled but Natalia didn't look amused. Olivia cleared her throat and pointed a finger at Doris. "Bad Doris. How dare you?"

"Sure. Whatever." Doris replied. "Seriously, though, we talked politics and after it was done and over I told her to meet me tomorrow at the boarding house. Then I tossed her five bucks…"

"You gave her five bucks for having sex with you?" Natalia asked, keeping her voice low. "You're a bitch." Olivia seemed taken back by the vulgarity, but didn't say anything because partly she agreed.

"For the coffee, not the lay!" Doris replied in a heated whisper. "She wanted to give me the coffee, but I made a point to tell her that I'm not a democrat. I don't accept something for nothing. I'll pay my own way thank you very much."

"You're such a smart ass," Natalia chuckled.

"Funny," Doris commented, "your…well, whatever Olivia is…she just said the same thing about me."

"Olivia is many things. She's my daughter's mother..." Natalia kissed Olivia's nose. "She's my lover…" Natalia kissed Olivia's neck just below her earlobe. "She's my everything..." Natalia finished by kissing Olivia on the lips.

"I love you so much," Olivia said when she finally pulled away.

Natalia smiled and stroked Olivia's face. "I love you too."

Doris sighed heavily. "And I'm going into diabetic shock."

Olivia and Natalia both chuckled.

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