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Title: Best Man Speech
Author: CN Winters
Pairing: Otalia

Standard Disclaimer Ahead: Guiding Light is a product of Proctor & Gamble (like Tide, Charmin and Olay), and appears on CBS at the time of writing this. The characters are the creative property of the show and its producers Ė Iím just borrowing them for my amusement, and hopefully for those few souls who read this.
Authorís Note:
I wondered why Rafe didnít seem so snotty with Olivia at the double wedding and his going way party. This is just a little brain dropping on Olivia building a relationship with the dreaded step-child.

Best Man Speech

"This isnít about me."

"What?" he asked startled.

"This brooding. This...chip on your shoulder."

Rafe tried to work a kink out of his neck.

"I donít know what youíre talking about," he said.

"Of course you do. Itís not me you hate. Iím not your most favorite person in the world, Iíll grant you that. But this anger...this fear...itís really about sharing her...Isnít it?"

"Olivia," he sighed. "Letís just go out to the barbeque, alright? Ma and everyoneís waiting."

"No," she said as she blocked his path in the farmhouse kitchen. "Youíre leaving soon. You might be gone forever."

"Youíd love that, huh?"

"See? Right there." Olivia pointed. "You think I see you as some kind of roadblock to your mom. That I canít love her if youíre around and thatís not true. Is that how you see me? If Iím around you canít love your mom?"

Rafe said nothing; his face a mask.

"Your mother is allowed to love more than one person in her life, Rafe."

"I know that," he said annoyed as he started to move away.

Olivia took his hand. "Do you?"


"Please listen. I do intend to marry your mother the first chance I get." Rafe tried to look away. "And I know youíll probably never stand up to be my best man when that day comes," she says and gives his hand a tug to make him look at her again, "But there are things we need to get settled now, before you go."

"Such as?" He folded his arms across his chest, breaking the embrace.

"Sheís a woman, Rafe. Not the Madonna. You were not a virgin birth and youíre not the second coming."

"I know that."

"Really? Because I donít think youíve ever seen your mom happy with anyone else like this Ė anyone except you...Tell me, how many people have you seen your mother date over the years?"

He paused. "This is dumb."

"How many, Rafe? Can you count them on one hand?"

He says nothing.

"Itís always been just the two of you, hasnít it? So much so that you even had a problem with Gus."

"That was different," Rafe argued. "He was trying to act like a Dad and I didnít even know the guy. Besides, I didnít have a problem with Frank."

"Of course not. You were in jail. You needed someone to fill your shoes of being the person in your momís life. But Iím willing to bet if heíd still been around when you got out, youíd have issues with HIM too. Youíd see him as crowding you out of your Maís life."

"He would have been a good guy for Ma."

"I agree. But itís not him she wants. Itís not him that makes her happy. Itís me. You just have to face it, Rafe...your mom is human. Not a saint. Sheís a woman with wants and needs like any woman."

Rafe put his hands over his ears. "Ahh, no. Stop there. I donít want to hear about Maís wants and needs, okay?"

Olivia grinned at his antics.

"Fair enough," she relented. "My point is this... even if you donít like me, I do have her best intentions at heart. Iíll take care of her...always. Because...honestly Ė and I know it doesnít mean much to you now Ė...sheís the love of my life. And I hope someday you see that too."

Olivia went to the fridge, pulled out the potato salad, and turned when the back door opened.

"Hey," Natalia said with a grin. "Everything okay?" she asked as she looked between Olivia and Rafe. "Everyoneís wondering where you went."

"Everythingís fine, Ma," he said as he picked up the bag of dinner roles. "Olivia, can you grab the butter too?"

Natalia seemed pleased he spoke to her politely.

"Sure," Olivia said, reaching inside to pull out the dish. With the potato salad in one hand, and the butter in the other, she leaned over and kissed Natalia gently and affectionately on the lips before making her way outside.

Natalia grinned as Rafe walked over to join her.

"Olivia, huh?" was all he said as he stopped in front of her.

She grinned even wider and nodded.

"Olivia," she said with unwavering conviction.

"If she hurts you-."

"She wonít," Natalia said with great certainty. "Now go have fun with our family."

Rafe looked at the window to see the moving party eating the chicken, laughing with each other and just enjoying each otherís company overall.

When he felt his mom rub his shoulder in support while she led them both outside again, he realized maybe sharing Ma wouldnít be that bad after all. Besides Olivia did help them win the baseball game. Perhaps she had some good qualities after all.

The End

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