xena-rizzoli-large.jpg (305682 bytes)What can I say about CN Winters? Well, I make my home in Southeastern Michigan with my hubby, daughter and menagerie of pets. I began writing at age 10 after listening to stories my grandmother told about her journey to America from England. With an Associates degree in psychology and journalism I now have a full time career writing copywriting. When not writing, I enjoy an array of music, movies and painting. I also do fan-ish, bad quality fan art too like the one pictured on the right. In addition to this site, there are other locations that I've played a part in over the years you might like to explore...


Uffd logo.jpg (153155 bytes)The Ultimate Fan Fiction Directory is house to one of the largest fan fiction directories in the Xenaverse, if not fandoms in general. Founded in Feb. 1999, and going strong, the UFFD as it's been nicknamed, is run by Heartbrkn Bard and a pack of 'reporters' (with me acting as achiever). Each day the site brings updates to new and continuing stories across the Xenaverse. 


Watchers: The Virtual Series - Willow, Giles, Faith, Kennedy, Robin and Andrew set up shop in Cleveland along with fellow watcher Rowena Allister.  Later they are joined by Xander and take on the Big Bad of the year over five seasons. Each episode written in prose form, features pictures and sounds (which have prompted people to ask if this was a real show that would be airing online or TV). Sadly, it's just a figment of our imaginations but many Buffy fans seemed to have been entertained by it.  

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