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August 18, 2013
Updated the Xenaverse lookalike story staring Sappho called The 10th Muse
April 25, 2013
Added first Xena story in over 10 years that's a Mel and Janice sequel called March 23,1943 and started an uncompleted Xenaverse lookalike story staring Sappho called The 10th Muse

Added an update to "An Otalia Funeral" at Incandescent Fire

August 18, 2012
Started a new Otalia saga, "An Otalia Funeral" at Incandescent Fire.  
July 25, 2012
Added another update to the Rizzles fic 'Moments in Time' 
July 24, 2012
Added the final epilogue to Violating the Rules to the Otalia fiction section. 
day-in-the-life-xena.jpg (84018 bytes)Xena comes first here. Why? Because that's where I started in fan fiction. You'll find lots of 'alt fic' here of our favorite ladies for those 17+ readers out there. For those who might remember, I was nicknamed the Queen of Subtext thanks to the 'Subtext Reports' I posted YEARS ago on the Net (aka nut) Forum at USA studios. Yeahhhhhhhhh, I'm showing my age. Anyway, if you'd like to learn more about my adventures in Xena fandom (or just revisit what you once read many moons ago) be sure to check out my Xena section of work and...

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  scoobies.jpg (25320 bytes)My second fandom was Buffy, or more correctly, Willow. I love sidekicks so it's no surprise I fell in love with the Scoobies and wrote my fair share of stories about them. Check out the tales here or my virtual series I created with a talented group of people called 'Watchers'...
otalia-45.jpg (70589 bytes)I thought we'd get a kiss before it was all over, but sadly, like Xena, no luck for Olivia and Natalia. We did get lots of face touching, hand holding and LOTS of eye sex. I wish TPTB had more guts, but fanfics save the day....
  seventeen-aint-so-sweet2-ri.jpg (38629 bytes)Thanks to great onscreen chemistry of Harmon and Alexander, these two make a great romantic friendship pair.  I like them because I can either write them as a couple or just a couple of friends...
obasmall.jpg (42296 bytes)A writer by trade, I've also written some original fiction over the years too that people enjoyed. I created this section to highlight these original stories or those few stories in other fandoms that don't merit it's own category for whatever reason. 

If you'd like to link to me or learn more about me then be sure to explore the other pages on the site. And if you're so inspired, you're welcome to contact me directly too. I'm always happy to chat with fans about the fandoms we love. 



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